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thoNdaradippodi aazhwaar

From: Triplicane Vijayaraghavan (
Date: Sat May 06 1995 - 14:13:58 PDT

	This is a reply to badri's posting. Thanks for u'r detailed
explanation. It was good.


now to the importnat part

miNdar : lowly people, also to mean ingrates
paayndhu : jump
uNNum : eat
sORu : food
vilakki : take it away
naay : dog
idumin : offer (condescendingly)

 I had missed that "eNnNnaa" in the 6th line..the kavi has actually
meant" ippadippatta perumaigaLai udaiya thiruvaraNGgaththiNn peyarai
sollaatha miNdar...."
 This really good! Thanks badri.


Vijayaraghavan T. R.