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Follow up of "vaNdina ..." poem

From: Vaide Venkatakrishnan (vv_at_grove.ufl.EDU)
Date: Sat May 06 1995 - 12:24:24 PDT

If someone can have access to a Tamil-Tamil dictionary it would help.
However, based on TRV's post some corrections are in order.

This is a combined post answering some of his qns as well as correcting
some errors in the meanings:

- uralum refers to the constant 'reeNGkaram' of bees - basically here the
constant humming of the bee species.

- mayilinam aalum sOlai
------ I am not sure what this means, but would like to suggest that it is
-------this: " the sOlai is so full of peacocks, it becomes them" such
-------praise is common too.

- koNdalmee thaNavum sOlai
- The meaning of this was in error.  Rereading now I can interpret it as:
"the sOlai wherein the trees are so tall they almost embrace the clouds
laden with water droplets- the rain clouds"

- vilakki naaykku - I am afraid I have to insist how I read was right and
it means "giving food to the dogs after reserving a quantity for beggars"

----idumiNneerE now simply means those who give food - 'ladies with
waistline like lightning would require slight modification of the word'

-----I have written the verses in Adami style - I am not very sure of the
other styles wherin the Nn in thaNni and the nN in nNNni are not distinguished
-or if they are how.  N is reserved for N in thaNNeer.

- reread the last two lines : it is miNdar paayn thuNNum sORRai
                                    vilakkin aaykkidum....   and
 not miNdarai vilakki -- truly I think reflects on the goodwill of the
people and or of the kavi's interpretation born out of a desire to see
such good deeds.

Vaidehi V.