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a mistake

From: Triplicane Vijayaraghavan (
Date: Sat May 06 1995 - 11:14:52 PDT

	In my earlier mail regarding Thondaradippodi Aazhwaar paasuram,
i had written that "koNdal" means hill. I am sorry i was wrong . it
actually means clouds. 
i had a lil doubt and was biased by the "Edu koNdala vaadu" , a common
name for Thiruppathy perumaaL, which actually means Lord who lives in
seven hills. i was misled.
then y'dat night i recollected the thirumaNGgai mannan pasuram in periya
thirumozhi 2nd paththu, (2.1.4, i think..) 3rd line of the paasuram
starting with  " paaviyaathu " where he says " kOvinNaayagaNn
KoNdalunNdhuyar vENGgadamalaiyaaNdu ..." where He actually means this :
The hills which are so very high that they push the clouds upwards...
where koNdal = clouds and malai = hill.

I am sorry for this..

Vijayaraghavan T. R.