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Sri Ramanuja's thiru nakshatram

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Wed May 03 1995 - 07:12:13 PDT

I think tommorrow, may 4th is Sri Ramanuja's thirunakshatram (birthday).
It is really great that I am continuing to listen to sribhasya tapes of
dr. N.S. Anantha rangachar.  they are excellent. I suggest people in the
group to somehow get hold of the seven fold logic - sapta vidha anupapatti
- arguments of Sri Ramanuja against classical
advaitic theory or Sri Sankaracharya.
These arguments are available in english versions and tamil versions of
sribhasya.  there are also some books which explain them in a concise manner.
if possible I will write on the net a summary of the method of arguments
whenever I get some time. 

In Ranganatha Seva Samithi in new york some grand celebrations are planned.
utsavam to Sri Ramanuja, probably reading of Ramanuja nootthandadi and 
yathiraja saptati, etc. are among many other items.  

Sreemathe Ramanujaya Namaha

Yo nityam achhuta padambuja yukma rukma vyamohataha
tad itaraani trinaaya mene
asmad guroha bhagavathosya dayaika sindhoho
ramanujasya charanou sharanam prapadye

Salutations to Sri Ramanuja

"I surrender to that divine Sri Ramanuja, our guru, an ocean of mercy, 
who in his intense attachment to the two feet of Lord Achyuta, considered
all else as worthless as grass"