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Srimad Andavan Thirunakshatra Vaibhavam

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Date: Thu May 31 2001 - 06:50:28 PDT


Sri Ranganatha Divyamani Padukabhyam Namaha
Srimathe Ramanujaaya Namaha
Srimathe Nigamantha Maha Deshikaaya Namaha
Srimathe Rangaramanuja Maha Deshikaaya Namaha

Thirunakshatram celebrations of Srirangam Srimad Andavan
Sri Rangaramanuja Maha Deshikan
Vaikaasi Thiruvaadirai

Srirangam Srimad Andavan Ashramam, one of the premier institutions of Sri
Bhagavad Ramanuja / Swamy Deshika sampradayam. The ashramam has been having
an illustrious acharya paramparai known for their vairaagyam and
anushtanams. The presiding deity at the ashramam is Sri Rukmini Satyabhama
Sametha Sri Venugopalan, worshipped by the great Thirukkudanthai Deshikan,
Srimad Gopalaarya Maha Deshikan. Having come in the same illustrious acharya
paramparai is our dear acharya, prakrutam Srirangam Srimad Andavan Sri
Rangaramanuja Maha Deshikan, also known as Srimushnam Andavan.

Swamy Deshikan is celebrated as "sarvatantra swatantra" (master of all
arts). For all of us who have not seen Swamy Deshikan in vibhavam, it is a
great opportunity to see our beloved acharya Srimad Andavan in vibhavam who,
like Swamy Deshikan, is a master in every field - veda, vedanta, tarka,
shastras, agamas, poorvacharya krithis, jyotisham, ayurvedam, shilpa
shastram, shastriya sangeetham and an unmatched mastery over languages like
tamil, sanskri, telugu and english.
It is a great bhagyam to celebrate the thirunakshatram of this great

The city of Bangalore having been blessed with the privilege of celebrating
the Thirunakshatram of H.H Paramahamsetyaadi Srirangam Srimad Andavan Sri
Rangaramanuja Maha Deshikan started the celebrations on Monday with
Parayanams, Music concerts, Sadas etc.

Monday 21-05-01
Thirunakshatram celebrations of H.H paramahamsetyaadi Srirangam Srimad
Andavan Sri Rangaramanuja Maha Deshikan began on Monday. Srimad Andavan was
presented with a malar maalai (garland) adorned by Devanaayakan and
Hemambhuja valli of Thiruvahindrapuram, along with the anugraham of our dear
acharya Swamy Deshikan. The celebrations started with the paaraayanams of
Rig Vedam, Shukla Yajurvedam, Krishna Yajurvedam, Sama Vedam, Srimad
Ramayanam, Sri Bhashyam, Sri RanganAtha Paduka Sahasram etc. A galaxy of
veda-vedantha vidwans blessed Bangalore with their paadasparsham.

Tuesday and Wednesday - 22-05-01 and 23-05-01
The entire place seemed like bhuvaikuntam, filled with Veda ghOsham. Srimad
paramahamsEtyAdi Sri Parakala Swamy H.H Srimad Abhinava Vageesha
Brahmatantra Swatantra Parakala Yatindra Maha Deshikar arrived in Bangalore
to participate in the Thirunakshatram.

Thursday 24-05-01
Rigveda, Krishna Yajurveda, Shukla Yajurveda, Sama Veda, Grantha (Ramayana,
Bhagavad vishaya, SribhAshya...), Paduka Sahasra parayanam continued well
into the fourth day.
After the thiruvaradhanam, Srimad paramahamsetyaadi Parakala Swamy arrived
at the ashramam. H.H was received with full honors. H.H presented Sri
Lakshmi Hayagrivar's anugraham to Srimad Andavan.
Srimad Parakala Matham Swamy was presented with Sri Venugopalan's anugraham.
It was a divine experience to see both the acharyas blessing the bhagavatha
goshti at the ashramam.

Friday 25-05-01 - Thirunakshatram day - Vaikaasi Thiruvaadirai
At 6.00 a.m. Srimad Andavan started Sri Perumal and Paduka Thiruvaradhanam.
The thiruppavai and pallandu shatthumurai got completed by 7.10 a.m. The
teertha goshti, which then started, saw a gathering of over 1500 bhagavathas
and lasted for over 2 hours. All the bhagavathas felt blessed and received
Perumal teertham from Srimad Andavan, while the other ten paduka
sri-pada-teerthams followed in due course. All the assembled bhagavathas
recited Swamy Deshikan's Abhitistavam, Sristhuti and Godasthuti during the
teertha goshti with the same devotional fervor that Swamy Deshikan once sang

It was around 9.15 a.m. and Srimad Andavan started Gadya trayam and Paduka
Sahasram paaraayanam. The gadyams recited were 'Sharanagati gadyam', which
Ramanuja sung on panguni uttharam in front of Sri Ranga divya dampathigal
and performed sharanagati and 'Sriranga gadyam', wherein Sri Ramanuja
glorifies the holiest of abodes of Lord Sriman Narayana - Sri Rangam.
The paduka sahasra paddhati for the day was 'marakatha paddhati', which also
had a special significance.
It is well known that Garudan's job is to take perumal wherever He feels to
go. Whenever Perumal is flying on Garudan high in the skies, it becomes
impossible for bhaktas on the earth to have perumal's darshanam. It becomes
only possible when padukais carry perumal on the ground during His
(Perumal's) sancharam. It is for this reason that Swamy Deshikan extols
Padukai as "gaaruthmathi" in this paddhati. It is the same padukai that has
carried Sri Venugopala from one place to the other and thereby blessing
thousands of people with the rare bhagyam of participating in this acharya
thirunakshatram celebrations and to obtain perumal anugraham.
Parayanam of Swamy Deshikan's Sri Sudarshanaashtakam and Sri Shodashaayudha
Stotram followed this.

>From 9.45 a.m. till 10.45 a.m. all the assembled bhagavathas obtained Srimad
Andavan's anugraham and blessings.

At 10.45 a.m. Srimad Parakala Matam Swamy, H.H paramahamsetyaadi Srimad
Abhinava Vageesha Brahmatantra Swatantra Parakala Yatindra Maha Deshikan
presided at the Ashramam. H.H was received with full honors. Very soon H.H
Paramahamsetyaadi Srimad Rangapriya Maha Deshikan also presided at the
ashramam and was received with full honors. Both, the acharyas obtained
Perumal and Paduka teerthams from Srimad Andavan.

It was around 10.50 a.m. when periya shatthumurai started. The paduka
mantapam saw an assemblage of over 200 bhagavathas (only parayanam) while
over 1500 bhagavathas stood outside and watched the shatthumurai being
conducted in great style.

Shatthumurai was conducted for the following parayanams, which were held
1.	Rig Vedam
2.	Krishna Yajurvedam and Shukla Yajurvedam
3.	Sama Vedam
4.	Sri Ranganatha Paduka Sahasram
5.	Srimad Ramayanam etc

The shatthumurai was completed by about 11.20 a.m. and then started acharya
sambhavanai. Sambhavanai kramams were conducted for the entire paramparai
starting from Periya Perumal Sri Ranganathan - Sriranga Nacchiyaar till the
present day Andavan Srimad Rangaramanuja Maha Deshikan. Detailed
shatthumurai kramams were conducted for Sri Nammazhwar, Sri Nathamunigal,
BhagavadRamanujar, Swamy Deshikan, Thirukkudanthai Deshikan, Vazhutthur
Andavan, Periyaandavan and Thirukkudanthai Andavan. At this moment the
goshti paused a little. Srimad Andavan went into the paduka sannidhi and
paid his respects to His acharya Srimad Thirukkudanthai Andavan's paadukai.
The goshti then resumed with sambhavanais for Srimad Mysore Andavan and the
prakrutham Srimad Andavan. Srimad Andavan was then honored with a malar
malai adorned by Sri Rukmini Satyabhama sametha Sri Venugopalan of Srimad
Andavan ashramam sannidhi. The session then concluded with the periya
shaatthumurai teertha goshti.

At around 11.40 a.m. all the three acharyas presided on a stage that was
very beautifully decorated for the day. Srimad Parakala Matam Swamy then
honored Srimad Andavan and Srimad Rangapriya Maha Deshikan with the
anugraham of Sri Lakshmi Hayagrivar. Srimad Andavan honoring Srimad Parakala
Matam Swamy and Srimad Rangapriya Swamy and finally Srimad Rangapriya Swamy
honoring Srimad Andavan and Srimad Parakala Matam Swamy followed this.

Anugrahams and maryaadais, which had come from, many divya deshams then made
their way to the stage. To mention a few -
Thiruvarangam, Thirupathi, Kanchipuram, Thirunarayanapuram, Srimushnam,
Thiruthankaa, Oppiliappan Sannidhi, Kumbakonam, Sri Perumbudur, Thuppul
Deshikan Sannidhi, Thiruvelliyangudi, Thirukkandiyur, Srirangam Nathamunigal
Sannidhi, Srirangam Ashrama Deshikan Sannidhi, Nacchiyaar Kovil,
Thiruppullani, Thiruvallur, Thiruvahindrapuram, Andavan ashramam branches
all over India, temples in and around Bangalore, Chennai and Mysore and many
Srimad Andavan acknowledged all the anugrahams and maryaadais with great
respect and devotion.

Srimad Andavan then honored noted musician Sriman M.A Narasimhachariar and
also honored many bhagavathas who have been rendering great service to the

It was a star-studded stage and many great vidwaans spoke on the occasion
glorifying acharya vaibhavam and Srimad Andavan's kalyana gunams.

Sriman U. Ve Ramanuja Tatachariar who spoke on the ocassion glorified Srimad
Andavan's kalyana gunams and remembered the research level commentary, which
Srimad Andavan rendered at Srirangam. The commentary was on the subject as
to why Swamy Deshikan in his first slokam on Sri Ranganatha Paduka Sahasram
made use of the word "charanam" when referring to Ranganatha paduka and on
the other hand made use of the words "Pada pankaja" when referring to
acharya-bhagavatha padukai.

Srimad U. Ve Srivatsankachariar who spoke on the occasion celebrated Srimad
Andavan with many references from "sachcharitra raksha".

Sriman U. Ve Dr. N.S Anantharangachariar, who spoke on the occasion,
glorified the day of acharya thirunakshatram as a "sudinam" (very auspicious
day), with references from Rig Vedic shruthis. Srimad Andavan also released
a book authored especially for the ocassion by Dr. N.S Anantharangachariar
with commentary and notes to Swamy Deshikan's "Amrutha Ranjani".

Sriman U. Ve Deshikachariar and Sriman U. Ve Srinivasa Deshikachariar spoke
beautifully on acharya vaibhavam.

Sriman U. Ve Aravamudachariar spoke beautifully on Srimad Andavan
celebrating Him as "emmaandavan".

Ashrama Srikaryam Swamy Sriman U. Ve Narasimha Raghavachariar spoke on the
occasion quoting from Sri Ranganatha Paduka Sahasram " nisheshamambaratalam
yadi patrika syaat...............padukayo: prabhaava:" and went on to
elaborate on acharya vaibhavam.

Srimad paramahamsetyadi Rangapriya Maha Deshikan who spoke on the occasion
glorified Srimad Andavan's kalyana gunams and shared some of his beautiful
experiences with Srimad Andavan.

Srimad Andavan then released a special souvenir commemorating the ocassion.
It is also of great value to note that Srimad Andavan Ashramam is currently
re-printing all the works of Srimad Mysore Andavan.
National committee chairman Sriman U. Ve Rajagopal also spoke on the

It was then time for the anugraha bhashanam of our dear acharya Srimad
Andavan. It is a well known fact that "sharanagathi" at the lotus feet of
Sriman Narayana is the central theme of Sri Ramanuja / Deshika sampradaayam.
All the poorvacharyas of Ramanuja / Deshika sampradayam have expounded this
philosophy in all their works without exception. Out of the many
compositions of Swamy Deshikan - Sharanagathi Deepika, Nyasa Dashakam, Nyasa
Vimshathi, Nyasa Tilakam, Nikshepa Raksha and Adaikkalappatthu have special
significance. The reason for this is that these works expound the philosophy
of sharanagathi to great depths. Srimad Andavan in all his upanyasams makes
sure that this message of sharanagathi at the Lord's feet is conveyed.
Srimad Andavan's upanyasam on this day was no exception.

Srimad Andavan's Upanyasam
Srimad Andavan chose the last slokam of Swamy Deshikan's Nyasa vimshathi.
The greatest thing about Nyasa Vimshathi is that, Swamy Deshikan himself has
furnished a commentary for it.

samsaaraavarta vega prashamana shubhadrk deshika: prekshita: aham
samtyakta: anyai: upaayai: anuchita chariteshu adya shaantaabhisandhi: |
ni: shanka: tatvadrshtyaa niravadhika dayam praapya samrakshakam tvaam
nyasya tvath paadapadme varada nijabharam nirbharo nirbhaya: asmi || *

Srimad Andavan then went on to elaborate on this slokam and explained many
finer details of prapatti anushtaanam, prapatti swaroopam, answers to
possible doubts that could arise and other details that should actually be
studied at the divine feet of an acharya. H.H also emphasized on the message
that prapatti anushtaanam is the easiest and the ultimate means to attain
the lotus feet of Lord Sriman Narayana.

* In this slokam, Swamy Deshikan performs sharanagathi at the feet of His
kula daivam, Lord of Kanchi - Sri Varadaraja Perumal saying, "Oh Varada!
Having been blessed by the divine anugraham of an acharya who, with his
divine vision is capable of suppressing the whirl due to samsaric
afflictions, having completely disowned all other means to attain moksha
other than sharanagati at the feet of the Lord Sriman Narayana, having
renounced interest in all other activities that are against the swaroopam of
a prapanna, having obtained tatva jnaanam as per sampradayam and so being
free of any doubts, having adopted you as my savior, whose compassion (daya)
knows no bounds, having surrendered myself at your lotus feet, it has
rendered me fearless and relieved from all earthly attachments".

After the upanyasam, bhagavatha tadiyaaraadhanai started at around 2.00 p.m.
After 3.00 p.m. all the assembled bhagavathas obtained Srimad Andavan's
anugraham and blessings.

In the evening Thiruveedhi purappaadu was conducted for Lord Srinivasa.
Srimad Rangapriya Maha deshikan also graced the occasion.
Most melodious and delightful music concerts were held every evening

Some publications released during the occasion

1.	Sanyaasaashrama Dharmaanushtaana prayoga: -
This work in Sanskrit is by H.H paramahamsetyaadi Sri Paduka Sevaka Ramanuja
Maha Deshikan (Chinna Andavan).

2.	Commentary on Swamy Deshikan's Amrutha Ranjani -
This work in Kannada is by Dr. N.S Anantharangachariar, released specially
for the thirunakshatram. This will later be integrated with "Deshika
Prabandham" which is already in the process of getting printed.

3.	Audio CD-ROM-s and Audio Cassettes

	Audio CD-ROM comprising of -
	1. Swamy Deshikan's Sri Ranganatha Paduka Sahasram
	2. Swamy Deshika Stotrams

	Audio CD-ROM and audio cassette comprising of a collection of
special upanyaasams by Srimad Andavan -

	1. Specially researched commentary on the first slokam of Sri
Ranganatha Paduka Sahasram -
	santha: shriranga prthvisha charana traana shekharaa:
	jayanthi bhuvana traana padapankaja renava:

	2. The second upanyaasam features on Azhwars and Deshikan, under the
title - "Sri Thiruppaanaazhwaarum Swamy Deshikarum".

H.H Srirangam Srimad Andavan Sri Rangaramanuja Maha Deshikan has most
beautifully rendered all these.

Let us all pray in one voice to Sri Ranga Divya Dampathigal, Sriranganatha
Padukai and our poorvacharyaas to grant our dear acharya a life of 100 years
with good health and may our acharya continue to light our minds with his
divine knowledge.

Vedantha lakshmana munindra krupaattha bodham
Tathpaadayugma saraseeruha bhrungaraajam
Traiyantha yugma kruthapoori parishramantham
Sriranga lakshmana munim sharanam prapadye

Shrimathe Sri Rangaramanuja Maha Deshikaaya Namaha
Vaazhi vyakhyamuddirak kai !!!

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           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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