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RE: Padhuka Sahasram-388

From: Srinath Chakravarty (
Date: Wed May 30 2001 - 15:05:52 PDT

Muralidhar Rangaswamy wrote:

> 388. shruthiBhi: paramam padham* murArE:
>      anidhankAramanEvamithyupAttham
>      idhamitThamithi bravIShi nUnam
>      maNipadhAvani! manjuBhi: praNAdhaI:
> In the matter of the nature and greatness of the Lord* (the Lord's 
> abode, the Lord's Feet), which is not comprehensible even to the 
> Vedas so that they only say "it is not this" and "it is not like 
> this", You Oh Manipaaduka!, pronounce, in sweet tones, clearly, "it 
> is this" and "it is like this".

Dear bhaktas:  Many thanks to Sri. Muralidhar once again,
for continuously bringing out the deep, esoteric meanings
embedded within many layers of the pAdukA sahasram. Like
a majestic queen whose gait renders awe-struck even those
who aren't aware of her royal lineage, Sri pAdukA dEvi's
divine journey across 32 paddhatis of this treatise by
Swami Desikan are capturing the attention of all readers
- thanks in no small part to dedicated postings by Sri.
Muralidhar and Sri. Sadagopan.

In slokam 178, Sri pAdukA dEvi was hailed as the Queen
at the throne of IkshvAkus, and the Empress of the eight
octants.  Now in slokam 388, she is described as having
succeeded where even the apourushEya shruti have failed!!
Just as udayavar ascertained the true import of all the
seemingly conflicting shrutivAkyams in his Sri bhAshya,
pAdukA dEvi brings out the ananthakOti kalyANaguNams of
perumAL through her nAdhOpAsanam - a feat accomplished
skilfully without resorting to the unending complexities
of the vEdas!  How incredible and soul-stirring, this
poetry of our thooppul piLLai Swami Desikan is...!!

Once again, may the twin efforts of Sri. Muralidhar and
Sri. Sadagopan continue unabated, to bring out these
crown jewels of Sri pAdukA sahasram in a language we
all can understand.

-Srinath C.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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