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Samprokhsanam pics Daiveekam

From: Rukmini varadarajan (
Date: Wed May 30 2001 - 04:45:08 PDT

Srimate RamanujAya Namaha
I wish to convey my sincere thanks to the Bhakthi
group members all those who had posted about the
wonderful , bhooloka swarga darisanam at NY , with
colourful daiveeka pictures.Its thrilling to view our
Emberumaan in the background of the Greeneries wich
are awesome and the Vimaanam is simply jyothi
swaroopam.I as a member could wittness the great event
via net sitting at home in front ogf the PC here in
India.We were not lucky to view the Srirangam
ranganaatha's temple's samprokshanam when it was
raised by our Devathaas many years ago, but i am lucky
to see the same and i am very happy and delighted
about our vaishnava kulam and its recognition is made
all over the world by the devotees living at theUSA
..It is a remarkable achivement .I have no words to
express my thrill and happiness over this.Any way i
wish to learn many services and collectivities of the 
the vaishnavism thru net , posted by the great
devotees and scholars.I am  like a just new born to
this religious world and yet to know ammountless vedic
scriptures and all the Kainkaryams of our great grand
pitha mahan Sri Ramanuja i know this janmam is not
enough to learn the entire services and the available
scripts so on..But i am very thankful to the Bhakthi
Group for their valubale services which are very
May Lord Shri Ranganatha shower his grace to the
entire world from east and west and let all the
janasaamanyas benifited by his grace.
Rukmini Varadarajan

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