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faith in HIM

From: bhadri (
Date: Tue May 29 2001 - 22:11:11 PDT

Respected members of the group
I have been a member of this list for sometime, and have been keenly following whats being written. This is my first posting to the group.

We havent actually 'seen' the lord in person, but accept that he exists, and worship him in the archa form. My q is, is this knowledge abt the existense of the Lord a result of what we 'experience' and/or the proof provided by the scriptures and the works of our great alwars and acharyas?? Basically, i want to know whether it is at all possible for my faith in HIM to be just that, a complete faith, without looking for any pramaNa. Do I need to be told that fire is hot, or do i need to touch it and know for myself, or is it possible to just "know"??

Thanks in advance

nArAyaNane namakke parai tharuvAn

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