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Sri Ranganatha Temple mahA SamprOkashNam ( BhulOka Vaikuntam ): Part I

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Mon May 28 2001 - 07:18:37 PDT

Dear Sri RanganAtha(Periya PerumAL) BhakthAs all over the world!

Yesterday the most-awaited event , the MahA SamprOkshaNam
at the Sri RanganAthA Temple at Pomona , NY took place
with pomp and ceremony in strict accordance with the Vedic/
Aagamic procedures .BhUlOka Vaikuntam got extended from
its base in Srirangam to the new continent and the Lord 
took His residence in His new home built with affection 
by His chidren .

Many Vaidhika and Aagamic rites took place. As a witness 
to these many memorable events in this "KalyANa Uthsavam" ,
I will recollect to the best of my ability the many joyous
happenings. I request BhaagavathAs that took part
in this event to share their recollections of this
most memorable day in our lives. 

We are all grateful to the many volunteers 
who contributed innumerable hours and provided financial
support to reach this day and become blessed with 
the sprinkling of the MahA samprOkshana Theertham 
from the Kalasams after the consecrations of 
the Murthys and their VimAnams. A Helicopter showered 
a copious rain of flowers later on the VimAnams and 
the BhakthAs assembled around the temple .

I will start a quick memory jog on the day after 
this blessed event and assemble information on 
the details of the sacred rites from the main preist ,
Sri VardarAja Bhattar , who is an acknowledged authority
on PancharAthra Rites covering the Consecration of
Murthys and Temples (MahA SamprOkshaNam ). Seven other
preists assisted him. 

The New York Times had a special article today on this
major event with photos of BhakthAs and Sri RajagOpAla Bhattar 
performing SamprOkshaNam for the PraNavAkAra VimAnam .
It was a blessed sight to see Dr.Venkat Kanumalla as
one of the priests of the Temple and the great Bhakthan
behind the idea of building this unique temple for
Lord RanganAthA following his AchAryan's  niyamanam
( command and benediction) ascend the lift (cherry picker)
with the sacred MahA Kumbham on his head as the First in
the line of priests .It was very appropriate. The other priests 
went up with appropriate Kumbhams for the different vimAnams on 
the vAhanam (Cherry picker) after Sriman Venkat Kanumalla.  
Events preceding the MahA samprOkshaNam ( May 23-26)
The specially lit sacred fires at the three Agni Kuntams 
(Square, Semi-circular and Triangular) blazed forth with
special radiance;the MahA Yanthram on top of the specially 
constructed brick altar adorned with Kumkumam , Turmeric 
and special dhravyams and lotus garlands and flowers was 
a sight to see. Rain fell gently outside the special
tents constructed to accomodate the outdoor YaagasAlA 
and for helping assembled bhakthAs to watch the Yaj~nams
and the PoorNAhUthi offerings to Sriman NaarAyaNan . 

Inside the temple , the Silver MahA samprOkshaNa Kalasams
with specially assembled waters were conscecrated over 
the previous days upto the MahA samprOkshaNam day rested
in front of Periya Periya PerumAL's Sannidhi . Lord SrinivAsa 
was looking over the proceedings from His Sannidhi right across 
the assembly of KumbhAs . "Periya Periya PerumAL" (Sri Lakshmi
Narasimhan) was casting His MangaLa Nayana anugraham on 
all those assembled. Sri RanganAyaki ThAyAr , Sri ANDAL 
were showering BhakthAs with their "KaruNairApAngai:"
( Benovolent and Mercy-filled glances) ; Sri Venu GopAlan
was playing His VamsanALam ( Divine Flute) and was showering 
Naadha RoopAnugraham . Sri SitA Sametha Raamachandra Moorthy 
accompanied by Kaimkarya agrEsarans ( leaders standing in
the frontline of Kaimakryams to their Master) was assuring 
that He will never abandon anyone , who performed Prapatthi
to Him even once and will rush to their rescue. Facing 
Lord RanganAthA reclining on His bed of AdhisEsahn and
surrounded by all the eleven AzhwArs ( Andal as the twelfth
AzhwAr was in Her own sannidhi to the North West of Her Lord)
and AchAryAs headed by Bahgavath RaamAnujA was listening to 
Veda GhOsham , Ghanam rendering of the Vedic passages ,
ghOshti renderings of dhivya Prabhandhams , Vishnu Sahasra Naamams ,
AchArya Sri Sookthis and  MangaLa Geethams  sung by VidvAns and 
enjoying the beautiful, rich and elaborate SatthumuRais.

With the waves of bliss drenching the assembled bhakthAs 
and with a gentle drizzle showing the joy of VaruNa BhagavAn
the MahA samprOkshaNam was carried out with great care and
affection .The alankArams and Thirumanjanam (abhishEkam )
by skilled Bhattars from India were a delight to see. 
Periya perumAL with His Tulasi Maalai and PethAmbharam 
fills one mind with immense peace and tranquility. 
"Adhya mE saphalam Janma" ( Today my kife has been
fulfilled) is a good asessment of the mind set of
assembled bhakthAs.

There was an election following the MahA SamprOkshaNam
to fill the 5 vacant seats in the Board of Trustees of
the Sri RanganAthA Temple. adiyen is fortunate to have been
elected to serve as a Board Member. The details of the election
as well as many photos from the MahA samprOkshaNam will  
be added to the Temple web site (

An informative souvenir has also been relased
by the Temple Trustees to comemrate this extraordinary
event . Many beautiful pictures of the Moorthys of theTemple 
are housed there .

I conclude this first in the series of postings on
MahA samprOkshaNam with dhaNdavath praNAmams to all
the BhakthAs , who responded to the many appeals to
support the MahA SamprOkshaNam Kaimkaryam . You came
through with more than 100K$ plus for Flower, TuLasi and
anna dhAna Kaimkaryams . You will be delighted to know
that the fragrance of Thulasi and flowers wafted thruout
the temple; BhakthAs and families enjoyed the Bhagavadh
PrasAdham around the clock thanks to your munificent
support of the anna dhAna kaimkaryam.

As a Member of the Board of Trustees , I would like 
to appeal to you to participate in the rich programs of 
the temple under design ;those who have not yet visited 
the temple would very much enjoy the darsanam of 
the dhivya Moorthys at this unique temple on the banks of 
the local Cauvery river (Hudson River).There is a lot of 
work that remains to be done in the coming months regarding 
the completion of the task . A sum of 1.3 M$ is needed
to cover all the expenses incurred to celebrate this
MahOthsvam in the traditonal manner with the help of 
Eight expert priests .PLEASE HELP THROUGH YOUR
provide details on the nymber of ways you can donate 
including on-line samarpaNams. Thanks in advance for
your most welcome and valued support.

I humbly appeal to you all to continue to support this Temple
and its Kaimkaryams to serve the BhakthAs from everywhere. 
SaraNAgathi ( total surrender) to Sriman NaarAyaNan 
taking His archA form as Lord RanganAthan( worshipped
earlier by Lord Ramachandra as His Kula dhaivam
during His Vibhava avathAram at AyOddhi ) is the guiding
principle of this temple. 44 more days of a 45 day long
cycle of MaNDalAbhishEkam continues from today. Please 
visit the Temple and receive the anugrahams of 
the Dhivya Dampathis. 

NaarAyaNa , NarAyaNa, NaarAyaNa 
Oppiliappan Koil Varadachari Sadagopan    


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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