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Sri vELukkuDi swamy's Visit to Houston, Texas

From: Sridhar Srinivasan (
Date: Sat May 26 2001 - 11:46:07 PDT

Bhagavathas in Houston, due to the nirhEtuka krupa of SrimannArAyaNa, were
given an opportunity to glimpse what His divine grace can bring, in the form
of a brief visit to Houston by Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy and family
during the period May 20 - May 22.

Five events were scheduled for Sri Swamy's Houston visit:

   * Discourse on Sri Rama Soundaryam at the Meenakshi temple on the morning
of 5/20/01 (English/Tamil)
   * Discourse on the great devotee of SrimannArAyaNa, AmbarIsha (from
SrimadBhagavatham) on the evening of 5/20/01 (English)
   * Discourse on the secrets of KrishNavathAram (evening, May 21,
   * ThiruvArAdhanam (20, 21, 22)
   * Brief Lecture on Sri VaishNava lakshaNam (30 minutes on May 22 morning,
swamy had to catch a flight at noon on 22nd)

Sri KrishNan swamy's insightful mastery of the vedic/upanishadic/puraNic
thought and the consummate ease with which he brought to fore the
consistency of conceptual truths amongst the scriptures and azwaar/achaarya
sri sookthis/aruLiccheyals  was enthralling.  It is difficult to describe
the awe Sri Swamy's upanyasams engender, but they do drive home a constant
truth, that the Sidhhantham that we call Sri VaishNavam, when properly
represented through the wisdom/divine abilities of an exalted bhAgavatha,
removes all doubts about the paratvam of SrimannArAyaNa and at once gives
solace from samsaric tribulations, the truth that when SrimannArAyaNa is
looking out for us, there is no need for us to take ownership of our own
destiny (Akinchanyam, ananyagathitvam, ananya sharaNathvam).

The fact that KrishNan swamy could communicate this central, difficult
message of Sri vaishNavam to disparate audiences (disparate by
background/conditioning), in English and Tamil, with a kind of telling ease
while dwelling on different topics, spoke volumes about Sri Swamy's treasure
house of knowledge, wisdom and God-given abilities.  Every one of those in
Houston that had an opportunity to listen to any of the upanyasams, were
left with a desire thirsting for more (aNNikkum amudhoorum en nAvukke, as
madhura kavi Azhwaar would put it).

When one has experienced something uniquely elevating and enchanting (filled
with mAdhuryam), it is difficult to know whom to thank or where to begin.
On behalf of all those who had the good fortune of experiencing Sri KrishNan
swamy's thirukkaN amudham, I would like to thank the organizers of this trip
(Sri Mukundan Patangi, Sri Sampath Kumaran and family, Sri Sudarshan, Sri
Mohan Sagar  et al) for making this possible.

Of course, to thank Sri KrishNan swamy for his kindness in putting up with
our innumerable apachArams inflicted upon him and his family, in the guise
of upacharam, would require a tome in itself.   KrishNan swamy was kind,
considerate and forgiving of all our short comings in Acharam and
anushTAnam, while Sri Swamy's devimAr was the epitome of patience and
compassion amidst a gruelling, difficult schedule.   I would like to offer
our gratefulness and heartfelt thanks for this unique opportunity, and
express the hope that with SrimannArAyaNA's grace, we will have similar
opportunities to learn and be enchanted by the mAdhuryam that epitomizes sri

Aazhwaar EmberumAnAr Jeeyar thiruvaDigaLE sharaNam

adiyEn madhurakavi dAsan

sridhar srinivasan
Houston, Texas.

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