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Re: Sri Ramanuja as yogin

From: Lakshmi Srinivas (
Date: Wed May 23 2001 - 17:32:06 PDT

--- In bhakti-list@y..., Martin Gansten <Martin.Gansten@t...> wrote:
> At the beginning of his Srutaprakasika commentary on the Sribhashya, Sri
> Sudarsana Suri gives praise to Bhagavad Ramanuja in the following words:
>  tasmai raamaanujaaryaaya nama.h parama-yogine ...
> I would like to know if there are other traditional eulogies on Ramanuja
> using the words yoga or yogin. (I am familiar with the one or two instances
> in Swami Desika's Yatirajasaptati.) If you are aware of any such stanzas, I
> would be very grateful to learn about them.

There are many verses in Tamil which say something like muni:

1. irAmAnuca nURRantAti (of amutanAr) - 100 verses on Ramanuja

irAmAnuca muni - verse 3, 33, 99
etikaTkiRaivan - verse 21 (lord of yati's)
anakan irAmAnucan - verse 30 (anagha rAmAnuja)
etittalainAtan - verse 50 (head of yati's)
mikka paNDitan - verse 63 (very learned)
irAmAnuca muni vEzam - verse 64 (elephant among muni's)
valimikka cIyam irAmAnucan - verse 88 (strong lion)

2. upatEcarattinamAlai (of Sri maNavALa mAmunikaL)

The commonest title used in this poem is 'etirAcar" (yatirAja)

This has been translated by the acharya's grandson into Sanskrit. You may want to check there. Also, you might also want to check the yatirajaviMsati by the same acharya. 

In the vAzittirunAmam (celebratory verse) of Sri Ramanuja, one can not find the attribute "yogi" but can however find "munivan" (muni), "etirAcar" (yatirAja).


Hope this helps,


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