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Re: Pomona Festival

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Tue May 22 2001 - 04:58:57 PDT

Dear BhakthAs:

I have attached a note form Sri Venkat Kanumalla 
regarding plans for a extensive recitation of Sri Sookthis
at the different Sannidhis of Sri RanganAthA Temple
after PraaNa Prathishtai on Sunday , May 27 .

It will be excellent to have as many bhakthAs 
joining in this ghOshti as possible.

Sri Rajeev Karamchedu made an important point in
the context of reciting SthOthram or aruLiccheyals.
He stressed the importance of reciting SLOWLY to make 
sure that (1)there is unison in the recital and
all are at the same speed and (2) there are no 
mistakes in pronunciation due to rushing the recitation.

It is neither the number of sthOthrams that we recite 
nor the speed with which we recite that matters . 
It is the aathmAnubhavam and sukham of reciting
these extraordinary sthOthrams at the appropriate 
sannidhi with bhakthi that matters.

Please let Srimans BharadhvAj Jagannnaathan , 
Shyamsunder Sreenivaasan , Venkatanaathan Sreenivasan ,
Rajeev Karamchedu or adiyEn know about your plans to
be part of this sthothram recital group to seek
the blessings of the dhivya dampathis and AchAryAs 
on their MahOthsvam day.

The hope is to have 108 BhakthAs particpate.
Even if this number is not realized , the quality 
and the Bhakthi of the reciters would matter a great deal.
Those who have extra copies of the Sri Sookthis for recital
are requested to bring them and share them with those ,
who may not have access to these Texts.

adiyEn looks forward to recite these Sri Sookthis
with the GhOshti to seek the dhivya dampathis grace 
and keep this community of aasthikAs together in days 
to come and to perform many kaimakryams for Them.

Daasan , V.Sadagopan

>Dear Devotees,
>I request you all to please spread the word around about Sri Ranganatha 
>Temple Samprokshanam from 5-23-01 to 5-27-01 and invite and bring all 
>devotees, with their families and friends and make this function THE 
>memorable event.

>Also, I request you all to please bring 108 Bhagavatas to chant the 
>following Desika Strotras immediately after the Prana-Pratishta:
>Nyasa Dasakam, Bhagavad-dhyana sopanam, Sri Stuti, Goda Stuti, 
>Kamasikashtakam, Raghuveera Gadyam, Gopala Vimsati, Daya satakam, Garuda 
>Dandakam, Yatiraja saptati, Desika Mangalasasanam and  Lakshminrusimha 
>karavalabam at Mukkur Azhagiya singar Sannithi.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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