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Hinduism-2 - Beauty of God

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Date: Sun May 20 2001 - 09:04:24 PDT

Hinduism – 2

Written by : Mrs. Jayasri Sugavanam             Email:

The Beauty of God

The beauty of God is incomparable with anything in the world.  He has
created many wonderful and beautiful living beings and non-living beings.
The non-living things cannot even try to explore the beauty of God.  Of the
living beings animals do not worry about spiritual life.  So, we, the
wonderful creation of God, can make an attempt to describe His Beauty.

Just take a look at any picture of God – be it a Rama, Krishna or Lord Siva
or any of your Gods; the picture is drawn so perfectly that you can never
wink your eyes.  You will feel that God is really standing in front of you.
You want to go on and on keep seeing the picture.  If God’s picture itself
is so attractive, I need not tell you how beautiful he really is.

Our Hinduism has rich culture and heritage in Religion and God.  For the
beginners in spiritual life, it teaches to start with Idol Worship. When you
go to a temple, you will be very happy and thrilled with devotion when you
can have Dharshan.  We are ready to wait for any number of hours to have
Dharshan of our beloved Lord.  Why?  Why do we stand in queue, wait
patiently, chanting slokas for such a long time to have only few seconds of
His Dharshan.  Because those few seconds we will not be in this world; we
will be with God.  Those few seconds will be our precious moments of our
life.  We feel that we have achieved a great purpose in our life by seeing

He attracts all of us with a simple and magnificent smile on His face that
we want to have those few seconds again and again till our death.  To have
such a great happiness of having Dharshan of our beloved Lord, we are ready
to do anything.   That is the beauty of God, which steals our heart.  His
beauty cannot be fully described by even Adi Seshan who has thousand
tongues; we have only two hands, two eyes and one tongue.  So we will make
best use of these organs to pray, to see and to praise His Beauty.

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