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RE: May 18, 2001 ( Seventh Anniversary of the Founding of the Bhakthi List

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Sat May 19 2001 - 23:51:34 PDT

Dear bhakti list folks,

This bhakti list was formed by sri Mani Varadarajan after some arguments
regarding upanisads and advaita during the early days.
Seed stage work was quite less.  There were only few posts at that time.
Most of them focused on interscholastic views between different systems of
I personally think that in terms of maximum number of posts I don't think
there is anyone other then Sri Sadagopan.  In that sense I am proud without
knowing accidentally I did some punyam!  by introducing Sri Sadagopan to the
list.  Thousands have benefited by Sri Sadagopan's untiring efforts.  It is
difficult to keep up the pace for years.  I never realized that it has been
7 years since the bhakti list was formed.
Sri Sadagopan, thanks for your work.  Let everyone in the list take an
active role.  Adiyen  recently got the blessings from sri Rangapriya swamy
and Sri Srimushnam Andavan ( in bangalore).  They all need a lot of support.
Please remember our acharyas constantly.  "acharyavan purusho veda".  One
who has an acharya knows God.  Support acharyas.  This list is to strengthen
our ties to our system of thought and to our acharyas.  I don't know why
this is so true that just by reading books, we cannot understand truth.  It
has to dawn in our minds from blessings of acharyas. Never forget this
truth.  Seek them with "shraddha" ( arvam)
Those who can make it to the Samprokshanam of Sri Ranganatha Temple, please
make it and help the temple.  Archa murthy is definitely the most needed in
this life filled with limited happiness.  Adiyen had the bhagyam of once
visiting the temple recently in Pomona NY.
Aa no bhadrah kratavo yantu vishvatah - let noble thoughts come to us from
all directions

Srimathe srivan shatakopa sri Vedanta Desika yatindra mahadesikaya namah
Srimathe sri lakshminrisimha divya paduka sevaka srivan shatagopa sri
narayana yatindra mahadesikaya namah
Adiyen Krishna Kalale ( now Krishna Kashyap )

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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