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Re: Kura-narayanar

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu May 17 2001 - 14:30:26 PDT

Dar Sri Suderson:
At 04:11 AM 5/17/01 -0700, you wrote:
>Srimate rAmAnujAya namaha
>1. Thanx for the lucid expanation on kuranarayana. Is
>he same as kooranarayana jeeyar?

Yes to the best of my knowledge..

>2. Can you pls tell about Thatha dEsikan?

ThAtha Desikan is revered as "Pancha matha Bhanjanam
ThAthAcchAr Swamy " and also as Koti KanyAdhAnam 
ThAthAchAr .He is included in the AchArya paramparai 
of Munithraya SampradhAyam ( lineage to SaakshAth Swamy,
Thurukkudanathai Desikan and then the two Andavan

ThAtha Desikan  was born in Thirukkudanathai (AarAvamudhan 
Sannidhi)and was a contemproary of Appayya DhIkshithar , who wrote
a commentary for Swamy Desikan's YaahdAvAbhudhaya Kaavyam.
He was also a contemproary of MahAchArya/DhoddAchArya ( 1509-1591 CE)
for whom Lord VaradarAjA gives  a special Garuda sevai even today,
as The Lord of Kaanchi comes out on Garudan thru his West gopuram
during His BrahmOthsavam .Thatha Deikan's key sishyar is
Upanishad BhAshyakArar, Sri RangarAmAnuja Muni.

ThAtha Desikan  was the nephew of the Sixth pattam Azhagiya Singar 
known for his matchless NrusimhAnushtup manthra sakthi and 
powers of Nrusimha SaakshAthkAram ( bhAgyam of the darsanam and 
communication with Lakshmi Nrusimhan).

ThAtha Desikan was also the Sri Kaaryam for the Sixth Pattam 
Azhagiya Singar besides being one of the key sishyars of 
the Sixth Pattam Azhagiya Singar , Shashta ParAnkusa MahA Desikan of 
KaraLapAkkam/KaanchIpuram . The taniyan for ThAtha Desikan refers 
to his birth in SahdamarshaNa Gothram ( Swamy Naathamuni's 
gothram ) as the son of SrinivAsa ThAthAcchAr and the disciple of 
Shashta ParAnkusa YadhIndhra MahA Desikan ; latter entered
into a cave at upper Ahobilam to be with JwAlA Narasimhan
at the Lord's command. The Sixth Pattam Jeeyar is still said 
to be living in that closed cave in Ahobilam performing 
AarAdhanam for JwAlA Nrusimhan .

The taniyan for ThAtha Desikan Is:

SrisailapoorNa kula Vaaridhi poorNa chandram
  SrI SrInivAsa Guruvarya padhAbhja Brungam
Srimath ParAnkusa MunIndhra KrupAtthabhOdham
  SrI ThAthayAryam anagam SharaNam PrapadhyE

The AchArya Bhakthi of Sri ThAtha Desikan is moving .When
The AchAryan of ThAthA Desikan entered the cave on a KrishNa
Paksha Panchami dinam ( February , 1513), ThAtha Desikan
was totally broken up with sorrow. Few days after that
event , ThAtha Desikan could not bear the separation from
his AchAryan anymore , went to Ahobilam cave and cried 
profusely in front of that cave, where his Acharyan had 
entered earlier following the command of JwAlA Narasimhan.

The Sishya Vaathsalyam of HH the 6th Jeeyar was touching.
He stopped His aarAdhanam , came out of the cave , consoled
His heart-broken sishyan , blessed him to carry on his 
kaimakryams and returned inside the cave once again , never
to be seen again.

The descendants of ThAtha Desikan branched out to KarnAtakA
and other parts of Tamil Naadu (Srirangam, Kaanchi et al). 
The Thirukkudanthai family is at Iyengar Street , KumbakONam
and the most known descendant of that Vamsam living to day is 
the nonagenerian ( in his ninth decade), Sri AgnihOthram 
RaamAnuja Tatachar  Swamy.Sri KrishNa Tatachar of the Bhakthi 
List is a descendant of the karnataka desam branch of the family.

ThAtha Desikan conducted innumerable KanyA DhAnams
and hence is called Koti KanyAdhAnam ThAthAcchAr.

The archai image of ThAthAcchAr and His dharma Pathni 
arein Swamy Desikan Sannidhiof Kaanchi Varadarajan temple .


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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