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[rangasamprokshanam] Re: Stotra parayanam on Mahasamprokshanam day.

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu May 17 2001 - 19:15:07 PDT

Dear BhakthAs: I am forwarding a note from Dr.Venkat Kanumalla
regarding plans for Sthothra ParAyanam program at the individual 
sannidhis at the temple after Consecration of 
the deities on May 27 .

It is a wonderful idea . Recital of AchArya Sri Sookthis 
will produce auspicousness and fill the hall with MangaLa
GhOsham . May our collective prayers to the dhivya Dampathis
be answered by Them to make this temple , a sacred place for
all AasthikAs to come together .

I will conclude this note with a Rg Vedic Prayer to
Sriman NaarANan for this ghOshti :

PragnayE bhruhatE ritasya vrushNE asurAya manma
ghritam na Yaj~na aasyE supUtam giram bharE --
vrushabhAya prathIcham

Rg. Vedam V.12.1

(Meaning): Just as the well-clarified butter (ghee)
poured into the ritual fire in a Agni Kuntam , I offer
the saastraic , sincere and grateful praise (sthuthi) to
the Adorable Lord of Lords , the Supreme Being ,
the Venerable , the guide of eteranl truth , the vigorous
and the grantor of Boons ( VaradarAjan).

Namo NaarAyaNAya ,
Daasan, V.Sadagopan
>Dear Devotees,
>This is to request you all to come and join the Stotra-parayanam on the 
>Mahasamprokshanam day; 5-27-2001.  This is also a special request to spread 
>the word around in Malola net, Bhakti, Prapatti and all other related 
>groups, organisations and to all devoted individual participants.
>Soon after the Prana-Pratishtha for all our beloved Dieties, it is suggested 
>we do a good stotra-parayanam as follows:
>1.At Desikar Sannidhi: Nyasa Dasakam.
>2.At Sri Ranganatha sannidhi: Sri Bhagavd-dhyana sopanam.
>3.At Mahalkshmi Sannidhi: Sri Stuti.
>4.At Andal Sannidhi: Sri Goda Stuti.
>5.At Lakshminrusimha sannidhi: Sri Kamasikashtakam.
>6.At Sri Rama sannidhi: Sri Raghu Veera Gadyam.
>7.At Sri Krishna Sannidhi: Sri Gopala Vimsati.
>8.At Srinivasa Sannidhi: Daya Satakam.
>9.At Garuda sannidhi: Sri Garuda dandakam.
>10.At Sri Hayagriva Utsavar: Sri Hayagriva stotram.
>11.At Sri Sudarsana Utsavar: Sri Sudarsanashtakam.
>12.At Sri Ramanuja Sannidhi: Sri Yatiraja Saptati.
>13.At sri AdivanSathgopa Utsavar: Sri Adivan Sathagopa Mangalasasanam.
>14.At Sri Azhagiyasingar sannidhi: Sri Lakshminrusimha karavalambam etc.
>15. finally at sri Desika Sannidhi: Sri Vedanta Desika Mangalasasanam.
>Please join the goshti and I sincerely request at least 108 Bhagavatas to 
>join the stotra-parayanam.
>Please spread the word around and make this the most memorable event.
>Srimad Azhagiyasingar thiruvadigale saranam.
>adiyen, Ramanuja dasaanu dasan,
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