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Re: shetram

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed May 16 2001 - 11:50:47 PDT

Dear Srimathi Raji Sridhar: 

Regarding your two questions,

(1)Sri Koormam is in Andhra pradesh 
and has  been visited by AchArya RaamAnujA.
It is not a dhivya desam , but abhimana sthalam .
The lord's Koorma roopam is worshipped here.

***Sri Venkat Iyengar has posted an article 
in the Bhakthi List (March 25, 1999) on directions
to this KshEthram .

***Dear BhakthAs: Many times , the questions that arise have 
already been covered in one or other postigns by the Bhakthi
list  members and archived in the Bhakthi list.Please check 
there first .It is very possible that some one has answered 
your question simlilar to yours.

Google search on the subject will also connect you
to the Bhakthi and other list postigns on topics
of interest . 

(2)On Your SECOND question , the nine types of
relationship or Sambhandham between the Lord 
and His devotees are through :

(1)Bhagavath KathA SRAVANAM: Hearing of the Stories 
of the glories of the Lord (Example: King Parikshith)

(2) KEERTHANAM: Recital of Bhagavan Naamams or His
Vaibhavams : Sukha Brahamam (recital of Srimeth Bhaagavatham
to the King)

(3)Bhagavath SMARANAM: Meditation of the Lord: 
five year old Bhaktha PrahlAdhan.

(4)Bhagavath PAADHA SEVANAM:Worshipping the sacred feet
of the Lord: MahA lakshmi.

(5) Bhagavath ARCHANAM: Worshipping the Moortham of the Lord :
Bhruthu Chakravarthi, a descendant of the family of Dhruvan .

(6)VANDHANAM : NamaskaraNam of the Lord : AkrUrar

(7)DHAASYAM : Kaimakryam to the Lord: AnjanEyar

(8) SAKHYAM: freindship with the Lord : Arjuna with Krishna.

(9) AATHMA NIVEDHANAM : Self-Surrender of oneself and all
of theirs : Example: MahA Bali Chakravarthy . 

There is a famous slOkam : " PitEva pitrasya 
SakhEva Sakhyu:-----" which restates the nava vidha sambhandham
in a slightly different way. Naayaka-Naayaki Sambhandham is
included there , which is a form of Daasyam and aathma nivEdhanam.
Three AzhwArs as "Bridal mystics" (viz) Swamy NammAzhwAr as
parAnkusa Naayaki, Thirumangai as ParakAla Naayaki and
ANDAL in her own right as the divine consort of the Lord have 
acted out the Naayaka-Naayiki BhAvam.

Sriman NaarAyaNA  is our Sarva Vidha Bandhu.

My earlier postings on bridal Mysticism ( Bhakthi List/Alvars 
section in the Sri Vaishnava Home pages : selected articles on
ThiruppAvai: Jan 1996 ) cover these sambhandhams in greater detail . 


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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