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Re: [A Request to newly Joined Members of the Bhakthi List ]
Date: Tue May 15 2001 - 20:07:00 PDT

Dear Sri Vijay,

Your introduction is bold in presenting yourself. But most of your views
are unwarranted. Your comment that the Service to mankind is service to God
is well taken, but your general remarks on the people serving God is very
much wrong and not at all acceptable. Well, as I can see from your intro,
you are very much in the list for learning and so am I. But remember that
this list discusses about the True Parama Vaidhika madham which is the
VisishTAdvaitha Sri VaishNava madham. One of the basic tenets of this is
that, though EmberumAn will grant whatever we desire, we should always
aspire for the highest thing ( most particularly not the worldly
pleasure)which is mOksha and can be given only by the one and only
ParabrahmAn, Sriman Narayanan.

Please note that Serving to God without any selfishness and also without
expecting in return from Him forms the most important tenet of this
SampradhAyam. This is because the nature of this Atman (soul) is that of a
Slave to God. A Slave cannot expect anything from his master but only Serve
Him and take whatever He gives at his own will (NirhEthuka krupA). This is
the called pArathanthriyam of the AtmA. Also please remember that none of
deeds will fetch you the highest state that is mOksham. It is only His
NirhEthuka krupa which will grant you mOksham. So there is no question of
the people doing service to God being selfish, because they are just not
going to get something in return for the service that they did.

Nobody prevents someone from doing service to mankind. But only the
intentions make the difference. As long as the people go to Temple only to
serve the God and DO NOT expect anything in return, there is absolutely no

Having become a member of this list, I am very much sure that the postings
of many well learned Scholars in the list will enlighten you and your
thoughts about the importance of Service to God, more than what I have
written above. I request more learned members to elaborate on this if they
find it worthwile to expand on the above. But whatever I have written above
is not presenting even 1% of the case of importance in Serving God without
Selfishness. It is a long way in learning about the SampradhAyam and that
is the main teaching of this VisishTAdvaitha sampradhAyam

adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan,
Thirumalai Vinjamoor Venkatesh

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