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Re: explanation requested
Date: Tue May 15 2001 - 18:56:14 PDT

Dear Sri Naresh,

You had asked:


Can someone please explain the meaning/reference/importance of the
slokam "Tat Vishno Paramam Padham" said to start the SaRRumurai? I've
searched the web and usually get only very nominal glossed over
meanings and would love to know where this comes from and the beauty
in the meaning.

Thanks a lot in advance.,

Naresh Ramarajan.

This is generally recited whenever"kaRpoora hArathi" is offered to the Lord..
(during ThiruvArAdhanam or any other time..).

Sri Satakopan mama (as usual) has written an excellent translation and has
posted very recently (about ten days back)

Tadh VishNO: Paramam padham sadhA pasyanthi Sooraya:
dhivIva chakshurAtatam
--Rg Vedam: I.22.20

(Meaning): "The wise and true seekers realize the Lord
through meditation within thier own self; they see Him vividly
as the eye ranges over the sky".

Tadh ViprAsO vipanyavO jAgruvAmsa: sam-indhatE
VishNOr Yath paramam padham
--Rg Vedam : I.22.21

(Meaning): " By transendental meditation and pious acts,
the vigilant seeker of truth realizes the all-pervading
God within the innermost cavity , the supreme abode of the Lord.

The other intrepretation is: The nithyasooris eulogize
the ThirumEni of Parama Padha Naathan , the reward of MukthAs
with Jn~Ana vikAsam ( fully blososmed Jn~Anam) and enjoy
that Lord without interruption (ParipoorNa BrahmAnandham).

Narayana Narayana

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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