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Gunasilam temple details

From: Anand Sowmithiran (
Date: Thu May 31 2001 - 14:11:11 PDT

Dear Ms.Rukmini Varadarajan,

I am a devotee of Sri Prasanna Venkatachalapathy perumal at Gunaseelam.
My maternal uncle is the Heridatary Executive Trustee of the temple presently.
His name is Sri K R Pitchumani Iyengar.

You can contact him at his residence tele # 04326-75309.

You can reach him by snail mail at:
Sri K R Pitchumani Iyengar,
Executive Trustee,
Sri Prasanna Venkatachalapathy Temple,
Trichy 621604.

You can visit my site for some info on
Gunasilam and other divya sthalams.

You can call him and tell that Anand( currently at California) gave reference
to contact him.
I dont have his office telephone number.
Pl do contact and he will help you in whatever kaimkaryams you intend to
perform to Lord Sri Venkatachalapathy.

He has published two audio cassetes with 20 songs on the Perumal at Guansilam
sthalam. Songs are rendered by Sowmya and Bombay Sisters.
You can purchase them at temple office.

Om Namo Narayanaya:

Anand. wrote:
Hi all,
I am Rukmini varadarajan A stounge Thenkalai Iyengar from Srirangam 
now residing at Chennai.I am extremely happy that the Bhakthi group 
is doing a wonderful work to adhere lots of Vaishnava sampradayam and 
its related news.I would like to learn more and more thru this great 
services. Is ant one of the member could get me an information about  
Lord Sri Venkatachalapathy's one of the piligrimage place Gunasheelam 
near Srirangam.Even though it is very popular among Hindus of south , 
still the required amount of solid information about the temple and 
its sevas and other details are not in the bookmark.I would be 
greatful if any one who is well aware about Gunasheelam[Konashekaram]
and could pass on the messages in detail i would be thankful to 
them.The temple and its contact no and the postal code and also the 
sevas done are required.Hope to get a good response from the great 
scholars and the founders of this great services to our Vaishnava 
community thru this internet services.
With regards,
Rukmini Vardarajan

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