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Pomona Sri RanganAthA Temple MahA samprOkshaNam: Sri Sudarsanar Sannidhi

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Mon May 14 2001 - 14:38:49 PDT

Dear BhakthAs: 

Today adiyEn will cover the Vaibhavam of Sri
SudarshanAzhwAr. This will be the Fifth sannidhi
to be covered among the Eight sannidhis at Lord
RanganAthA's temple at Pomona , NY.

The Sudarshana Moorthis at Sri ChakrapANi Temple at
Thirukkudanthai,Srirangam and Kaanchipuram are
very powerful Ones. Typically , the Sudarshana Archais 
have either 8 hands or 16 hands holding the various
weapons . Most of the time , Sudarshana archai have
Lord Narasimhan at its back.

The Pomona Temple Sudarshana BhagavAn (
is one of the most beautiful vigraham with 8 hands and giving
us His dhivya sevai as Sudarshana-Narasimhan. The beauty of both
Sudarshanar and Yoga Narasimha Moorthy seated on Adhi Seshan is
incredibly beautiful. Swamy Desikan's KaamAsikAshtakam salutes
this Yoga Narasimhan. Swamy Desikan performed SaraNAgathi to this
Yoga Narasimhan at the dhivya dEsam of Thirukkadikai :

Thvayi rakshathi rakshakai: kimanyai:?
  thvayichArakshathi rakshakai: kimanyai:?
ithi niscchitha dhee: srayAmi nithyam
  NruharE VegavathI taDAsrayam ThvAm
-- KaamAsikAshtakam: slOkam 8

(Meaning by Dr.V.N.Vedantha DEsikan): Oh Lord NarasimhA!
If You are out to protect one, why other protectors?
And if You are not to grant protection to one, then
what is the use of other protectors? This is my firm
conclusion as a result of which I seek Your refuge at
the VeLukkai shrine on Vegavathi banks.

Salutations for Sudharsana BhagavAn(Jaya Jaya Sri Sudarshana!)
adiyEn has translated the powerful SudarshanAshtakam of
Swamy Desikan with tremendous Maanthric power in 1995
soon after joining the Bhakthi List as a member . It is
a joy to recite this lilting sthuthi by Swamy Desikan .
The URL for adiyEn's posting on SudarshanAshtakam is:

adiyEn has also translated and commented on Sri Sudarsana
Kavacham , which is important to Sudarsana UpAsakAs. The URL
for this posting is:

ShOdasaayudha StOtram of Swamy Desikan
During Swamy Desikan's time , there was a Visha Jvaram
at the dhivya desam of Thirupputkkuzhi . People were
suffering immensely. Out of his mercy for them , Swamy
Desikan composed ShOdasAyudha StOtram eulogizing Sudarshana
BhagavAN holding 16 wepons in His sixteen hands( Eight hands 
on each side of His Body) . That rare form of Sudarshanar 
responded to Swamy Desikan's prayer immediately and banished 
the poisonous fever from the dhivya desam.The Visha Jwaram 
was no match for the powerful weapons of Sudarshana BhagavAn 
invoked by Swamy Desikan on behalf of the helpless people.
This StOtram is in an unusual form . Swamy Desikan's 
invocation is in the form of second person.Swamy says:
" May He (Sudrasanan) protect You!" in these slOkams . 

The first of the 19 slOkams of ShOdasAyudha StOtram
refers to the sixteen aayudhams (weapons) adorned by
Sudarsana BhagavAn :

Sva-sankalpa kalA-kalpai:-aayudhai:-AayudhEsavara:
jushta: shOdasAbhir-dhivyair-jushathAm Va; para: PumAn
--First slOkam of ShOdasAyudha StOtram

(meaning): SaasthrAs say that Sriman NaarAyaNan's  
sanklapam(divine will)  alone took the form of SudarsanAzhwAn. 
The small part of the sankalpam of Sudarshana BhagavAN
transformed itself further into the sixteen weapons . 
May that ChakrarAjan ( Sudarshanan) served by  these Sixteen 
aayudhams respond to your prayers for relief from
the poisonous fever!

adiyEn will cover the other slOkams of Sri ShOdasAyutha 
Stotram in a separate mail later. As a quick summary , 
Sudarshana BhagavAN has the following 16 weapons in 
His 16 hnads:

(1)Chakram  (2)Parasu/Mazhu/a type of axe (3)Lance /Kuntha:
(4)Dhandam  (5)Ankusam or goad (6) Sathamukhaagni (7)Sword
(8) Spear   (9)Paanjajanyam/Sankham (10)Bow (11)Noose/Paasam 
(12)Plough  (13)Vajram (14)Mace/Gadhai (15)Pestle/Ulakkai and
(16)Soolam .

adiyEn concudes this posting with the 18th slOkam of ShOdasAyudha
StOtram , where Swamy Desikan salutes the SudarshanAzhwAn as
the source of all types of weaponry in the world and prays 
for Sudarshanan's protection:

asthra-grAmasya kruthsnasya prasoothim yamm praachakshathE
sOavyAth SudarshanO visvam Aaudhai: ShOdasAyudha:

At the Sannidhi of Sudarshana-Narasimhan , please recite 
SudarsanAshtakam , ShOdasAyudha SthOthram and KaamasIkAshtakam
for freedom from all samsaric afflictions and dhivya Jn~Anam.

May there be many Sudarsana Homams in front of the Sannidhi
for Lord Sudarshana at Pomona , NY.

Namo SudarshanAya, 
Daasan, Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan 







           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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