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hello everyone

From: Sudharshan Santhanam (
Date: Mon May 14 2001 - 08:06:02 PDT

thankyou for including me in the bhakthi-list. hi! my
name is Sudharshan Santhanam and i am 23 years old. i
am presently doing my engineering at University of
Windsor, Canada. Since my early age i was very much
involved in Sri Vaishnava traditions. my grandfather
Narayanan Iyengar had been my guide until his time. i
am a very good listener and i would just like to keep
listening silently about bhagawan namam which is what
i am blessed with being a part of this group. you
people are doing a great job of doing whatever i was
planning of starting. 

i had my samaashanam done some time ago and my
acharyan is Srirangam Srimad RangaRamanuja Mahadesikan
and bharanyasam was under Srimad Andavan
Thirukkudandhai) Sri Vedanta Ramanuja Mahadesikan.

by gods grace i also had the blessing of mukkur swamy
once and that was a big thing for me. i am well versed
in sanskrit since i have completed my kovidha in

thats all about me dear fellow sri vaishnavas.



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