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MahA SamprOkshaNam at the Pomona Temple , NY : Garudan Sannidhi ( the Third of the Eight Sannidhis).

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat May 12 2001 - 19:58:45 PDT

Dear BhakthAs:

Garudan has many ThirunAmams. Swamy Desikan received
HayagrIva manthrOpadEsam form Garuda BhagavAN at 
ThiruvahIndhrapuram. Swamy Desikan also was blessed 
with the archA Moorthy of Yoga Hayagreevan from 
Garuda BhagavAn at ThiruvahIndhrapuram's OushadhAdhri 
(medicinal hill). Swamy Desikan was ever so grateful
for Garudan , who was the upaasanA Moorthy of
his AchAryan , AppuLLAr . When Swamy Desikan recited 
Garuda manthram into which he was initiated by
his AchAryan, Garudan appeared before him and
blessed him with Sri HayagrIva Manthram .

The Japam of the Sri HayagrIva manthram led to
the SaakshAthkAram of the Lord of all VidhyAs,
Sri HayagrIvan , who sat in the front of
Swamy Desikan's tongue (JihvAgra SimhAsanam)
and helped His bhakthan to complete his
avathAra Kaaryam. 

Swamy Desikan was therefore ever so indebted to
Garuda BhagavAn and composed Garuda PanchAsath
(50 slOkams in praise of Garuda BhagavAn for
His matchless anugraham ) . In these 50 slOkams,
Swamy Desikan saluted Garuda BhagavAN with splendid
Naamams .It is the tradition to recite Garuda
PanchAsath after Sri HayagrIva SthOthram in
the sequence of 28 sthOthrams composed by Swamy Desikan. 
We will now list all those divine names which Swamy Desikan 
used to offer his salutations to Garuda BhagavAn.

The 32 ThirunAmams Given to Garudan in Garuda PanchAsath
Swamy Desikan saluted Garudan as(1) VyanathEyan (VinathA's son) ,
(2)Pakshi Raajan, Veda:(Veda Svaroopan ), (3)GaruthmAn(One with ,
beautiful wings)(4)DharvIkarAri (Enemy of Serpents), 
(5)AnDaja Indhra: ( King of Birds ), (6)Naaga HanthA 
( destroyer of Serpents), (7)Pathri NaaTa: ( YajamAnan of 
Birds),(8)AasivishAri ( Enemy of fierce poisonus snakes),
(9)KhAkEndhra:( King of Birds ),(10) Vipaksha KshapaNa 
Sarabasan( One who is extremely eager to destroy 
the enemies of the Lord),(11) Hare: OupavAhyan 
( Lord's Vehicle for transportation ), 
(12)SourE: Syandhana Indhran ( Sriman NaarAyaNan's
top Vaahanam), (13)Pakshi Indhra: ( King of Birds/
Pakshi Raajan), (14)Sarpa SanthAna HanthA ( One
who destroys the Kulam of Serpents),(15)PathriNAm
agraNI ( The Foremost among the Birds ),(16) Khakapathi 
( the Lord of Birds),(17) SuparNa: ( One with the most 
beautiful Wings),(18) Pathri Isvara: ( the Emperor of Birds),
(19)AruNa anantharan ( One Born after AruNan),
(20)KaathravEya anthakan ( The Death Lord for the Snakes),
(21) Pakshimalla: ( Lord of Birds), (22) Bhujaga Kula Ripu
( the sworn enemy of the Kulam of Snakes), (23) VyALa 
AahAran ( One who has the snakes as His food), 
(24) RudrA-Sukeerthi Naayakan ( The husband of RudrA
and Sukeerthi), (25) Dhanu Tanaya bhidhO Jayanthee
Vaijayanthee ( The Victorious flag of the Lord , who is 
the destroyer of asurAs),(26) Dhnau Tanaya bhidO Vijaya RaTa:
( The Lord's chariot), (27) Dhanu Tanaya bhidO: nissahAya
sahAya: ( the Lord's assistant with out any other support)
(28) akunta Vaikunta chinthA naasIra udhAra Moorthy:Vihanga
Isvara:( The king of birds of majestic form anticipating 
his Lord's thoughts and sankalpam), (29) VaidEhi karNapoora 
sthaBaka surabhiNA DhOshNaa samAslEshi sa: Garuda:
( One who was embraced by Lord RamachandrA of broad shoulders
bearing the fragrance of the flowers worn by VaidEhi at
the battle field for his help to chase away the Naaga Paasam),
(30)Veera vairOchana asthra vraNakiNa guNitha udhagra nirghAtha
ghAtha: sarpa ghAthi ( Garuda BhagavAn , who became the hero in
the battle with asuran , VairOchanan , bore the wounds of 
that fierce battle and retrieved the crown of the Lord and
placed it on the head of Baala KrishNan in BrundhAvanam)
(31) ThrivEdhi Yath PakshasthA ( One who has all the three 
Vedams housed in his wings)(32) Tharkshya: (Garudan).

Swamy Desikan thus saluted Garuda BhagavAN with 32 Naamams
in His Garuda PanchAsath. In his Majestic Garuda Dhandakam ,
Swamy Desikan saluted Garudan with additional eight evocative 

(1) Akhila Veda neeDa adhirooDan( One who sits inside
the cage of all the four VedAs), (2)Vaikunta peeDikrutha
skandhan ( The One whose shoulders are the seating for
VaikuntanATan ), (3)Deva adhipa AahAra Haaran ( One who
stole the food of Indhran/ amruthAbhaharaNam ), (4)SankarshaNa
Aathman ( The amsam of SankarshaNan , the VyUha Moorthy), 
(5)DhithyAri Jaithra dhvajArOhan ( One who ascended and 
sat on the flag of the Lord,who is the enemy of asurAs), 
(6)nirdhAritha uthkarshan ( One whose superiority in war 
is well established), (7)maruth panchaka adhIsan ( The Devathai
for the five Vaayus--PraaNan, apAnan, SamAnan, UdhAnan and
VyAnan--by taking the five forms of Satyan, SuparNan, Garudan ,
DhArkshyan and VihagEsvaran). Here , Swamy Desikan reveals
the manthra svaroopam of Garudan .He prays to Garuda BhagavAn
to bless him with adhyAthma VidhyA (VedAntha Vidhyas) in the next
section of his DhaNdakam: " adhyAthma VidhyA mE VidhEyaa: ".
In the fourth dhaNDakam , Swamy Desikan hints at the Most
sacred Garuda manthram. The Eighth name given for Garudan 
by Sawmy Desikan is: (8)ValadhvEshi dharpa jvalath Vaalakilya: 
prathij~nA avathIrNan ( One who incarnated to fulfill 
the vow of Vaalkilya Maharishis, who were insulted by Indhran). 

At Srirangam , there is a huge archA of Garudan sitting in front
of Lord RanganAthan with folded hands ; This dear servant of 
the Lord (nithya Soori) awaits the command of his Lord .
He stands on the same seat (sama peetam) at SrivilliputthUr
along with RangamannAr and AndAL . At ThirunArAyaNapuram ,
Garudan brings the Vaira Mudi and adorns the siras of 
ThirunArAyanan . At NaacchiyAr Koil , He is present as
a Vara PrasAdhi and serves VanjuLa Valli SamEtha SrinivAsan.
At His sannidhi in Pomona NY , Garuda BhagavAn's sannidhi is
going to be the center for iniitation of Sri HayagrIva Manthram
and He is going to grant the boons of Aayus, AarOgyam and
Bhagavath Bhakthi as a parama BhAgavathan of Lord RanganAthan .

Sri PakshirAjAya Nama:
Daasan, Oppilaippan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan        

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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