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[SriRangaSri] Re: Beware of Beef in McDonald's french

From: Sanjay Balram (
Date: Sat May 12 2001 - 10:47:28 PDT


I agree to Shri Lakshmikumar's sentiments with respect
to Shri Murali Sampath's mail.

The string of mails on this subject has been very
enlightening and I am sure for a lot of us, who think
we are vegetarians -it was a wake up call, to watch
what we tend to gobble or use inadvertently.

This debate was and is, extremely useful and this list
is appropriate for this. We are what we eat and to be
a Sri Vasihnava we need to know what we need to avoid.

This subject is not something that can be dismissed
casually as Shri Murali has made it out to be.

I humbly request the members to pl continue to share
more information and views on this subject as and when


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