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Padhuka Sahasram-375
Date: Thu May 10 2001 - 12:52:02 PDT


SrimatE Gopaladesika MahadesikAya Namaha,

Translation by U.Ve. Dr. V.N. Vedanta Desikan Swamin:

375. pariNathimakaTOrAm prApthayA yathpraBhAvA
     dhalaBhatha shilayA svAn goUthamO DharmadhArAn 
     punarupajanishankAvArakam pAdhukE! thath
     prashamayathi rajasthE rAgayOgam prajAnAm

Oh Paaduka! The same dust from You, as brought about a gentle change 
from a stone to a Dharma-patni for sage Gowtama, (in the same person 
who had sunk because of desire), the same dust would remove, for all 
beings, a re-birth by elimination of sensuous desires.

Namo Narayana,

SriMuralidhara Dasan

Special Notes by V.SatakOpan (V.S):SlOkam 375
(1) Sri UtthamUr Swamy's anubhavam:
Here , Swamy Desikan praises the power of the dust
arising from the PaadhukAs to destroy the debasing passions
in people and converts their minds to a dispassionate
state marked by VairAgyam. He says: " Gauthama Rishi
obtained back his wife from her stony state to the state of
righteous wife to perform his duties as a married man (GrahasthA).
That transformation from that of a sinner to that of an
evolved soul was possible for AhalyA because of the redemptive
power of Your dust that fell on her. Similarly , the dust
associated with You removes the attachment of the people
to their worldly pleasures and possessions that bind them
to this SamsAram  and removes their doubts about release
from the cycles of births and deaths.

(2)Srimath Andavan's anubhavam: Oh PaadhukE!The glories of
the dust specks associated with You removes the desires
of people to engage in sinful activities that cause rebirth
in this world.

(3) Swamy Desikan says that the power of the PaadhukA
dust(raja:)banishes any doubt about the rebirth in
this samsAric world ( Tava raja: prajAnAm puna: upajani
sankA vaarakam sath ); further , they chase away in
the first place ,the desires that land one in samsAram
(Upajani sankA vaarakam sath, raagayOgam prasamayathi)..(V.S).

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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