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adiyen Sridharan here.
Date: Thu May 10 2001 - 03:12:31 PDT

Hi anna,

I still remember in my childhood days' (twenty five years ago)
of having seen Sri. U.Ve. Mukkur LN Swamy at your house
in pipeline vattaram.

I have even attended his kaalakshepam alongwith chinna mama
(your father) at our SriRamaMandir Malleshwaram 8th Cross,
after attending early morning Paatasalai class at Ubhaya Vedanta
Pravarthana Sabha. Bangalore.

As you have very rightly said, Sr. Swamy has left for heavenly abode
to perform nitya thiruvaaradhanam to the Divya Dampathis',.... who
else can perform such a thiruvaaradhanam with dedicated prathi-bhakthi.
He will be especially remembered on every Narasimhar jayanthi.

You are a such a dedicated follower of Sri Swamy and it will be apt if
you can bring out a regular write-up to the bhakthi list about on Gnana,
Vairagya, anushtanams of Sri Swami.

We will try to follow atleast a drop of it.

Thanks for your time.

With best regards
adiyen ramanuja dasan

Kazhiyur Sridharan.

Message: 14
   Date: Tue, 8 May 2001 14:58:54 -0400
   From: "Melma Raghavan" <>
Subject: Sri Mukkur Swamy

The week of 30 Apr ? 4 May 2001 shall remain as one of the darkest weeks
for the Srivaishnava Sampradayam.  The Almighty withdrew, from our midst,
three prominent personalities at lightening speed.  Sri Seva Swamy, Sri
Srinidhi Swamy and Sri Mukkur Swamy reached Acharyan's Tiruvadigal leaving
a gaping vacuum.   The collective pain and anguish is unbearable on the
community and is destined to remain a scar.

     The tragic week's eclipsing thunderbolt was the snatching away, from
us, the Salakshana Ghanapaati, Abhinava Sukabrahmam, Pravachana Vaachaspati
and Sri Mahanaarasimha Mahayagnya Adhvaryuh  Sri Ubhaya Vedanta Mukkoor
Lakshmi Narasimhachaariyaar Swami.   Sri Mukkur Swamy's Paramapada Prapti
has penetrated the wounds beyond cure.  This Mahan's early days and his
transformation into a Sri Nrisimha Upasaka are history.

     Divine power, linguistic skills, astounding memory and captivating
style of discourse were some of the unique features of Sri Mukkur Swamy.
Simple yet lively presentation of complex themes marked his lectures.  His
brilliant essays on Mantrarajapadastotram in Sri Nrisimha Priya are
treasures.    The elaborate manner that marked his 'Swati Yagnams'
testified that this Maha Vidwan was a stickler for Acharam and Anushtanam.
A 'Nrisimha Upasakar' has to be the personification of these two vital and
fundamental factors.

     On the eve of Sri Nrisimha Jayanthi, Sri Mukkur Swamy departed to the
heavenly abode to perform the 'Aradhanam' at the      'Mamanimandapam' with
the Nityasooris.    It is our misfortune that the ultimate 'Swati Yagnam'
will now be performed in the eternal world.  'Kurai Onrum Illai' Swamikku.
All of it is ours.

Adiyarin Adiyar
Melma Raghavan


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