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swamy desika web pages relocated - announcement

From: Achutharaman Rangachari - Regional Network Consultant - SMCC CTE (
Date: Wed May 09 2001 - 05:22:21 PDT

                   Srimathey Ramanujaya Namah:
             Srimathey Nigamantha Mahadesikaya Namah:

Dear SriVaishnavas,

We have moved the homepage of Swamy Desika and Padhuka Sahasram  from to  (Swamy desika homepage)

 (desika web site maintained by Sri. Harish and Sri. Ue.Ve. Sadagopan swamin
will be merged with this site shortly and lot more to be added ....)  (Padhka Sahasram homepage)

 (curretly Padhuka Sahasram homepage has archived upto 290 slokas. 
  Remaining slokas will be updated regularly in a weekly basis)

Srimad Ramanujar's home page remains at site without any change.

  (Sriman M.S. Hari's web tutorial on SriVisistadvaitha will resume shortly
   on this web site)

Thanks & Regards,
adiyen Ramanujadasan,

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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