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dvayam and agalakillEn

From: TCA Venkatesan (
Date: Tue May 08 2001 - 12:46:36 PDT

Dear BhaktAs,

I came across this recently and wanted to share it 
with everyone and also get your additional insights.

In presenting dvayArttham, Sri PiLLailOkAchAryar 
talks about six kalyANa guNAs of emperumAn that rise 
to save a devotee. They are vAtsalyam, swAmitvam, 
sauseelyam, saulabhyam, gnyAnam and Sakti. These are 
included by SwAmi NammAzhvAr in his SaranAgati
pasuram "agalakillEn".

agala killEn iRaiyumenRalarmEl mangai
nigaril pugazhaay ulagamoonRudaiyaay
 ennai aaLvaanE
nigaril amarar munikkaNangaL virumpum 
pugalon Rillaa adiyEnun adikkeezhamarndhu

AzhvAr has included the six guNAs as follows.

nigaril pugazhaay = vAtsalyam
ulagamoonRudaiyaay = swAmitvam
ennai aaLvaanE = sauseelyam
thiruvENGkadaththaanE = saulabhyam
amarar virumpum = Sakti
muni virumpum = gnyAnam

Yet again, I was amazed! What tremedous information 
AzhvAr has given us in such simple and elegant words. 
As our AchAryAs state, the gem that is AzhvAr's Sri 
Sookthi, presents a different light every time it is 
looked at and every angle that it is looked at. Of 
course, it takes an expert jeweller (our AchAryAs) 
to show them to us (and to show us the light).

adiyEn madhurakavi dAsan
T.C.A. Venkatesan

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