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Sri Vishnu Sooktham : Part III --Conclusion

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Tue May 08 2001 - 17:04:31 PDT

Dear BhakthAs:

We will continue with the rest of the Sri VishNu Sooktha
manthrams in this posting.

Manthram 6:

VichakramE pruTvImEsha yEthAm
KshEthrAya VishNurmanushE dasasyan
dhruvAsO asya kIrayO janAsa:
urukshithim sujanimA-chakAra
--Rg Vedam 7.100.4

(meaning): "With an object of giving a home to
every man , the all-pervading Lord (VishNu) traverses
the earth in one mighty step . In His benevolence ,
the humble people repose their confidence for safety. 
He, who is the noble progenitor , has made spacious
dwelling (for His people)". Those people who eulogize 
Him out of gratefulness for His dayA live blessed lives
here.(Vedam identifies these noble ones , who sing about
the glories of the Lord and meditate on Him as Sujanima
or nobly born). 

Manthram 7:

Thrir deva: pruTvImEsha yEthAm 
vi cchakramE satharchasam mahithvA
pra VishNurasthu tavasas tavIyAn 
tvEsham hy asya sthavirasya nAma
--Rg vedam 7.100.3

(Meaning):  In all His majesty , the Lord (Thrivikraman)
strides in three steps over this earth that is resplendent
with hundred splendors. May this all-pervading VishNu NaarAyaNan,
the most powerful among powerfuls , rule over us. Sacred
and unmatched in glory is the name of this eteranl Lord (aksharan).

The three words in the Manthram that need comments are:
(1) TridEva: the deity , Thrivikraman , who took three
steps to measure the earth and the sky(2) Satarcasam:radiant with 
hundreds of splendours (3) asya Sthavirasya nAma: The name of this 
One , who lives forever without decay or dissolution.This radiant
Lord measured the Earth with three steps so that people can
live happily in hundreds of ways.He is DEvarAjan and His name
shines brightly forever.

Manthram 8:

athO dEvA avanthu nO yathO VishNurvichakramE
PruTivyA: sapthadhAmabhi: 
--TaittirIya Samhithai:1.2.15 & Rg Vedam :1.22.16 

(Meaning): " May the Omnipresent Lord, along with nature's
bounties , preserve us on that part of the Earth whence the Lord
measured the seven regions.(This refers to that part of the earth
on which the divine revelations came to men through seven metres of 
the Vedic verses)."

The word "Saptha dhAmabhi:" has been intrepreted in number of
ways by Veda BhAshyakArALs. Swamy DayanandhA identifies these
seven forms as Casual matter , atom , virAt or MahAn , air, 
fire, water and Earth. These seven forms can be those of 
the Seven Vedic metres like Gayathri, Ushnik , Thrishtup etc. 
These seven forms have also been intepreted as the seven kinds 
of Samiths used in Yaagams on this Eath measured by the Lord
Thrivikraman ( Arasu, Purasu, Atthi,Vahni, vikantham ,asanihatham,
Lotus petals).

Manthram 9:

idham VishNurvichakramE thrEdhA nidhadhE padham
samUDamasya paamsurE 
--Rg Vedam: I.22.17

(meaning): "The Omnipresent and the all-powerful Lord
dominates over all the three regions , earth, mid-region 
and the celestial.His one step is deeply rooted in the deep
dark mystery , beyond the knowledge of mankind."

The Lord used three steps to measure the Universe 
at every level(TrEdhA nidadhE padham). This earth 
filled with dust is brilliantly administered by 
the Lord.

"samUDamasya paamsurE(Enveloped in dust)" :Here , Niruktham says
that the usage is metaphorical(i.e)., the foot steps of the Lord
are not visible , as if they are enveloped in dust. 

Manthram 10:

thrINi padhA vichakramE VishNurgOpA adhAbhya:
tathO dharmANi dhArayan
-- Rg Vedam I.22.18

(meaning): "The Omnipresent Lord, the preserver of
the indomitable , created all the three regions , Earth ,
the mid-region and the celestial. He sustains and preserves 
the sanctity of all vital functions that keep life pulsating ".

The other intrepretaion is: Our Lord Thrivikraman , who
can not be subdued by anyone took back from MahA Bali
the Universe through the ruse of request of three steps of 
land as dhAnam and saved the world from his excesses.He could
then let the dEvAs recive the Havis and through that anugraham
protected the dharmams based on Yaagams.

Manthram 11:

VishNO: karmANi pasyatha yathO vrathAni paspasE
Indhrasya yujya: sakhA 
--Rg Vedam : I.22.19

(Meaning): " Behold the marvellous creations of 
the Omnipresent Lord , who fulfills our noble aspirations.
He is a true friend of the Soul(Jeevan)".

The Other intrepretation is : Oh People of the World!
Enjoy witnessing the divine activities of the Lord .
Through these divine acts, the Lord facilitates 
the initiation of vrathams done by the humans without
fear .This Thrivikraman is an inseparable friend and
helper of Indhran.

Manthram 12:

Tadh VishNO: Paramam padham sadhA pasyanthi Sooraya:
dhivIva chakshurAtatam 
--Rg Vedam: I.22.20

(Meaning): "The wise and true seekers realize the Lord
through meditation within thier own self; they see Him vividly 
as the eye ranges over the sky".

Manthram 13:

Tadh ViprAsO vipanyavO jAgruvAmsa: sam-indhatE
VishNOr Yath paramam padham
--Rg Vedam : I.22.21

(Meaning): " By transendental meditation and pious acts,
the vigilant seeker of truth realizes the all-pervading 
God within the innermost cavity , the supreme abode of the Lord.

The other intrepretation is: The nithyasooris eulogize 
the ThirumEni of Parama Padha Naathan , the reward of MukthAs 
with Jn~Ana vikAsam ( fully blososmed Jn~Anam) and enjoy 
that Lord without interruption (ParipoorNa BrahmAnandham). 

AdiyEn will conclude this series of postings on
Vishnu Sooktham with a salutation to Sri VaikuntanAthan
(ThiruviNNagarappan ) By KurEsar in his Sri Vaikunta Sthavam:

yadh VasihNavam hi Paramam padham aamananthi
kham vaa yadhEva paramam tamasa: parasthAth
tEjO-mayam parama satthva-mayam dhruvam Yadh 
Aanandhakandham athisundaram adhbhutham yath
--Sri Vaikunta Sthavm : SlOkam 41

VaikuntanAthAya Thubhyam Nama:
Subhamasthu , Sarva MangaLAni santhu
Daasan, Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan   




           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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