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Sri Vishnu Sooktham : Part II

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Tue May 08 2001 - 07:49:30 PDT

Dear BhakthAs: 

The Taitthiriya Samhithai has seven manthrams
assembled under the title of Sri Vishnu Sooktham section.
The Vaishnavas have the version that has 13 manthrams .
Additional manthrams are from Rg vedam and elsewhere.
adiyEn will focus on the latter.The VaishNavAs recite
these 13 mnathrams during Bhagavath AarAdhanam 
and Thirumanjanam to salute the Lord's glories.

As referred to earlier , Sri Vishnu Sooktham is 
a celebration of the Lord's ThrivikramAvathAram ,
the avathAram that fascinated the AzhwArs and 
AchAryAs like Swamy Desikan ( DehaLIsa SthOthram).

Manthram 1:
VishNOrnukam veeryANi pravOcham 
ya: paarthivAni vimamE rajAmsi
yO askabhayadhauttharam sadhastham 
--TaitthirIya Samhithai: 1.2.27 & Rg.vedam 1.154.1

(meaning): With reverence , adiyEn will describe now 
the brave , divine and wonderous deeds of the Lord 
Thrtrivikraman .He measured the Universes with three
steps. He is the One eulogized profoundly by the sages,
who had the bhAgyam to witness this great performance .
This amazing Lord set in order the Earth and the other 
worlds , which in deomensions are like dust specks from
His Thiruvadi. He stabilized the upper regions like
Svargam and made them stay firm through His power .

Manthram 2:

VishNOr rarADamasi VishNO: prushtamasi 
VishNO: snapthrE sTo
VishNO: syUrasi VishNOrdhruvamasi 
Vaishnavamasi VishNavE thvA

(meaning): Oh my Mind ! You serve as the face of the Lord. 
You are the seat for the Lord . You have become the instrument to
know our Lord. You serve as the firm seat made up of the stitching 
of nerves on both sodes to hold Him firm .You have become 
the permanent place of residence of the Lord of infinite glories.
Oh my mind! You are the property of the Lord. adiyEn presents you
to Your Swami , the Owner.

Manthram 3:

tadasya priyamapi pATO asyAm 
narO yathra dEvayavO madhanthi
Urukramasya sa hi bhandhuriTTA 
VishNO: padhE paramE madhva uthsa:
--Rg Vedam I.154.5

(meaning): Therefore adiyEn will partake the holy
water flowing from the sacred feet of Thrivikraman
that is dear to all. Those devotees , who never ever 
want to be separated from the Lord partake this 
SripAdha Theertham and feel mentally fulfilled.
That Lord , who grew quickly to stride over the Universes
binds these devotees to Himself and stays at His Supreme Abode
of Srivaikuntam conferring bliss to all MukthAs and

Manthram 4:
pra tadhvishNu: sthavathE veeryAya 
mrughO na bheema: kucharO GirishtA:
yasyOrushu thrishu vikramaNEshU
adhikshayanthi bhuvanAni visvA 
Rg Vedam I.154.2

(meaning): The all-pervading Thrivikraman dominates
by His prowess like a powerful mountain lion.Within 
His three extended strides , all His creations rest
(find their home). Just as an exraordinarily powerful
lion strutting at the foot of the mountain jumps and
reaches in a flash the top of the mountain , Our Lord
extended His feet to measure all the Universe. Every one
who wishes to attain glory eulogizes the Lord in this way.

Mantram 5:
parO mAthrayA tanuvA vrudhAna na
tE mahithvamanvasnuvanthi 
ubhE tE vidhama rajasI pruThivyA:
VishNO dEva thvam Paramasya viTsE
--Rg vedam 7.99.1

(meaning): Oh Lord ThrivikramA of many mysteries!
You grew into a gigantic form never seen before to
measure the universe with Your three strides! Nobody 
fully comprehends Your infinite glories . Therefore You
are the Supreme Lord (Parama Purushan/ PurushOtthaman ).
You measured this enchanting BhU Lokam with one of Your 
stride and the upper Svarga lOkam with another stride. 
This we know of ;however, You alone know about the greatness of
Your Parama Padham. You begged for three steps of land
with Your small feet as Vaamanan at MahA Bali's Yaaga Saalai. 
You had in mind two measures for striding over the earth 
and Upper lOkam. In that case , You did not then need 
the third measure at all. That was our understanding. 
You had some thing else however in mind . You wanted 
to place that third step of Your Thiruvadi on the head of 
MahA Bali , who was born in the vamsam of a great BhaagavathA 
like PrahlAdhan . You begged MahA Bali therefore for 
the third measure of land to confer Your supreme anugraham. 
You alone were privy to this plan. We learnt about it 
(your purpose)later.

(To Be continued)

Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil V.SatakOpan     

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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