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sri rama navami- rama sthuthi 9

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Tue May 08 2001 - 02:34:32 PDT

Dear Sri vaishnava perunthagaiyeer,
In the previous post we saw Lord Sri raama being requested to give unbroken
dharsana sowbhaagyam to viraadhan and the important message of all religions
finally surrender at naaraayaNaa's feet only. Now the next verse.

Thaai thannai aRiyaadha kanRu illai than kanRai
Aayum aRiyum ulagin thaai aagin aiya
Nee aRidhi ep poruLum avai unnai nilai aRiyaa
Maayai idhu en kolo? VaaraadhE vara vallaai!

Word by word meaning for few words: 
Aayum- thaaip pasuvum- the mother cow
Vallaai- vallamai peRRavanE- capable person
En kolO- this word kolO has no direct meaning but an expression of

Meaning: Oh raama! You are the One, who is capable of creating an impression
in the minds of your host so that he thinks that you are not going to come,
but actually you are there. Similarly the converse is also true with you.
What a magic or wonder.  In this world by nature the mother-cow knows [or
identify or recognize] her calf even if it is amidst a flock of calves.
Similarly the calf also knows his or her mother very well. Hey lord raama,
you are the mother of all these creations and as such you know all of your
creations. But we, your creations, do not know you or your stature [nilai].
What is this wonder?

1. This sentence "vaaraadhE vara vallaai" is a beauty. Translation given may
not really convey the real meaning or feeling behind what is conveyed in

2. In 6-10-9 nam aazhvaar in his thiru vaai mozhi has the following- 
Vanthaai pOlE vaaraadhaai, vaaraadhaai pOl varuvaanE
Senthaamaraik kaN senkani vaai naal thOL amudhE enadhu uyirE --- 
Meaning: Oh my red lotus eyed Lord! Oh my life's portent, my red lipped
beauty, four shouldered nectarian krishna, you are one who is capable of
creating a scene of "having come and is present but not really done so.
Similarly really making it to be present there but creating a show that you
are not there. 

You have such a capacity to stir up the feelings of you bhakthaa. Please see
the ideas are similar for "greats" and enjoy the lord's mahimai.

3. Please see the simile- thaai thannai aRiyaadha kanRu illai than kanRai
aayum aRiyum- Mother cow knows the calf. The calf also can identify mother. 

This is the case with 5 sensed animals. But we human beings are 6 sensed.
Lord raama or naarayaNaa only created all and gave some natural
characteristics to each of his creations including we human beings. He knows
us. We do not know him, realise him. What a wonder it is. 

Is this against the basic instincts, characteristics or rules he only
created, or something hidden is there? Answer is below.

Enjoy the simile and think about the superiority of other creations and our
lowly nature wherein we can not realise him. Think on "How to get to know
him. How to do this?"

4. "pallaa uL uiththuvidinum kuzhak kanRu valladhaam thaai naadik kOdalai" -
"naaladiyaar"- 101. In tamil literature this "naaladiyar" has a special
status and verses for almost all aspects of life, beautiful with deep
meanings. See the commonality in kamban and 4 adiyaar. [Adiyar here does not
mean devotees but 4 line versed poems].

5. "ulagin thaai aagin aiya, nee aRidhi ep poruLum avai unnai nilai aRiyaa"-
"You are the mother of all these creations, you know them, but they do not
know you". the same context is so nicely brought out in these 2 bhagavath
geetha slOkaas.
Ethadh yOneeni bhoothaani sarvaaNeethyupadharaya!
Aham kruthnasya jagatha: prabhava: pralayasthithaa!! 
I am the mother for all creations in this world, similarly for all their
survival, and destruction, please know this. (yOni directly means womb)
VEdhaaham samatheethaani varthamanaani cha arjuna!
BhavishyaaNi cha bhoothaani maam thu vEdha na kaschana!! 7-26
Hey arjuna- those which have gone, which are presently available, what are
the things to come, I know but no body knows me properly.

6. Ok, it is a magic by him. But is it possible to get him know or NO? How
to do this? 
A simple answer is given in this verse- 
theLidhaaga uLLaththaich chenneree- i - gnaanath
theLidhaaka nangu uNarvaar sindhai eLidhaagath
thaai naadu kanRE pOl thaN thuzhaayaan adikkE
pOi naadik koLLum purinthu. - 30 mudhal thiruvandhaadhi

meaning: If you keep your thoughts clear, mind clear, wisdom clear and then
seek him by depositing all these in him. Then it is so easy like how a calf
seeks and identifies her mother cow. You can, not only, identify him, also
realise him, and possess the feet of that Lord who wears the cool thuLasi

Please note the words - 
Chen niree i - semmaiyaaga nilai niRuththi- keep the mind fixed on 
pOi -having gone,
naadi- having sought,  
koLLum- lead to possessing,
purinthu- having understood, 

The importance here is in that naaduthal- seeking. So once that naaduthal-
is there in the devotee he comes and shows himself up, so that the devotee
understands, realise and then starts possessing that Lord.

7. Once that seeking is done he himself thinks about the seekers and gives
himself is again nicely brought out here. Again please note the same simile
of cow and calf. 

Thaai ninaintha kanREyokka ennaiyum thannaiyE ninaikkach cheidhu thaan
NinaintharuL seyyum appanai anRu iv vaiyagam uNdu umizhnthitta
Vaayanai makarak kuzhaik kaadhanai madhit kOval idaikazhi
Aayanai amararkku ariyERRai en anbanai anRi aadhariyEnE 7-3-2

Meaning: The calf seeks the cow for milk. Similarly the Lord (mother cow)
makes me (this calf) to think of him, seek him. That father, that cowherd
lord, who ate this world and later spit, standing at thirukkovaloor
courtyard, lord of dhEvaas, I will seek support only from him and nobody
else. Immediately my father (& mother rolled in one), thinks about me and
then showers his grace. 

There should be this seeking then the results are automatic. See in kamban
the last line is maayai idu enkolo- as already stated maayaa means magic, it
also means wisdom. So use wisdom and seek, then that VaaraadhE vara vallaai
will do the rest. Enjoy the verses word by word.

Before we conclude this post the next verse
Pannal aam enRu ulagam pala palavum ninaiyumaal
Un alaal perum dheivam uyarnthuLOr ozhukku anRe
Anna oordhiyai mudhal aam anthaNarmaattu arum dheivam
Nin alaal illaamai neRi ninRaar ninaiyaarO?

Dhaasan Vasudevan M.G.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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