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Re: Vikrama samvathsara Nrusimha Jayanthi
Date: Mon May 07 2001 - 22:20:17 PDT

>> the Prakrutham Azhagiya Singar at whose sacred feet Mukkur/ 
>> Mattapalli Swamy performed Bhara NyAsam during October (?) 2000 

What a memorable Day It was!!! It was September 19th 2000. Prakrutham 
Azhagiya Singar in His upanyAsam on that day said that MalOlan is
very happy on that day because a jIva rathnam has performed Bhara 
NyAsam. HH The Jeeyar went on to crown Sri Mukkur Swamy Mattapalli  
Chakravarthy. What a  befitting title!!!. Just a month before this 
when Sri DesikachAr of Sri Ahobila Mutt came over to Sri Mattapalli 
there were discussions on where Acharyan would stay during His visit. 
Sri Swamy assured that steps would be taken to accommodate the 
Acharyan as close as possible to Sri MalOlan. He fulfilled that by 
constructing a pucca 900 sq ft. well equipped permanent building on a 
pre-existing foundation. Considering the remoteness of Sri Mattapalli 
and the prevailing floods at that time only a Chakravarthy could have 
managed to meet the promise.

Its very hard to  note that The Vadoola Thilakam has left us. He is 
survived by a LARGE family - his own family members who have
the same gunAs that made Swamy a MahAn and the much larger and
equally affectionate Yagna kudumbam. His presence worked wonders on 
each of  them and ,with all due respects, HE would be hardpressed to 
explain  HIS rationale.

Over and above the erudition and devotion of Swamy about which many 
people have talked about there are certain qualities he possessed - 
the qualities innate in very few men of his stature.

- AchArya Bhakti: There was hardly a upanyAsam in which He forgot to 
mention about the greatness of His Acharyan and His matam. No words 
can describe the aparimidha magizhchi He got when HH Acharyan agreed 
to visit Sri Mattapalli. Whereever He went and  whenever He got a 
chance He mentioned about this great event and invited everybody to 
partake in the festive occassion. The result was thousands of
Nrusimha bhaktAs who had the rarest ONE-STOP darshan of PANCHA
SIMHAMS (Sri Mattapalli Nadhan, Sri MalOlan, Sri Yagna Murthy, HH 
Acharyan and Sri Swamy).
The mangalAsAsanam of AchAryan was preceeded by the last Maha Yagnam 
that Sri Swamy performed in Sri Mattapalli. AdiyOngal had the bhAgyam 
of partaking in that once-in-a-janma event. Looking at the 
photographs of the event He resembles none other than  the SIMHAM. 
Such was His dedication and concentration on each and every aspect of 
 the Yagnam. The Maha Yagnam concluded on Sep 17th. In the photos 
taken during the AchAryan's varugai He very much resembles  His 
innocent 1.5 year old grandson. Such was  His AchArya Bhakti.

- Availability: Anybody could talk to Him anytime. His family members 
were MORE THAN HELPFUL in helping anybody who wants to  meet Him. 
AdiyOngal literally disturbed Him frequently whether He was in 
Kakinada, Matappali, Madras or Bombay. There were times when He was 
mounam and even then would patiently listen to what we  had to say.
He would then write down His reply and His family members would read 
out over the phone. If theres only a telephone line to Thiru 
Paramapadam.... He was extremely kind to people like me who is 
alarmingly  blunt and could never use paribAshai. He accepted me for 
what I am and Not What I should be.

- Non-discrimination: He practised what He preached. His followers 
included people of all class, colour, creed and race. His treatment
of the Haves and Havenots (monetary and mental) was the same. He
never questioned anybody of his income though He was particular that 
the source of one's income should be a right one. He did not have to 
bend  ANY of his anushtAnams to accommodate these things. If there is 
one  thing We have to learn from Him it should be His Humility and EO 
(equal opportunity). Let us Not defend our Kalai and our Leaders by  
denigrating others. Let us not worry about the blandness in our
emails and spew Hatred.

adiyOngal's  heartfelt condolonces to All in the Yagna Kudumbam. Our  
thoughts are with All including  Sri Swamy's family, Srimans  
Sridharachar, Aravamudhan, Muralidharan, Rajagopal, Govindachar,  
Lakshmanachar, Seshadri, Jagannathan, E.R.Narasimhan, Dharma Rao,  
Rangaswamy, Chennuri, Sudhakar Rao, Kaanthaiyah, Anjayah, Balakrishna 
Dass, Krishnaswamy, Chakravarthi, Saranathan, Bashyam, Sundar, 
Rangarajan, Bhadrinarayanan, Vayasya, the animate and inanimate of
Sri Mattapalli and others who have cherished the shade of this great  

- Mala Srinivasan 
  Rajagopalan Srinivasan

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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