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Sri Vishnu Sooktham : Introduction(Part I)

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Mon May 07 2001 - 18:52:09 PDT

Daer BhakthAs : 

As we approach the MahA samprOkshanam day of 
Lord RanganAthA Temple , it is auspicious to
reflect upon on the Manthrams of Sri Vishnu Sooktham
and their meanings .

Lord Vishnu 

Sri Vishnu Sahasra Naamam celebrates the glory of 
Lord Vishnu .The first verse itself contains 
the Vishnu Sabdham/Naamam:

Visvam VishNu VashaDkAram BhUtha bhavya bhaavth prabhu:
BhUthakruth bhUthabruth bhaavO BhUthAthmA BhUtha-bhaavana:

The First two Naamams are closely related. In the June 1997
postings on the extensive meanings of the Vedic Word ," Visvam "
adiyen commented on some of the 91 Rg Veda manthrams that are 
elaborations of the Visva tattvam ( VisvAntharyAmithvam 
and Visva VyApakathvm )of our Supreme Lord , VishNu Bhagavaan 
( http:// 
and 0066.htm). 

Visvam means also perfect or paripoorNam ( full in all aspects) 
according to ParAsara Bhattar.That perfect One , That Nampi 
pervades all of His creations (sentient and insentient):

"CharAchara BhUthEshu vEsanAth VISHNU:" . 

The next naamam points out that He is "VashatkAran" (i-e)
He not only pervades all of His creations , but He also
controls and directs them as their NiyanthA.

His Omnipotence is celebrated with the next Naamam:
" bhUtha-Bhavya-bhavath-PRABHU:".He is the Swamy of
all things that existed in the past , that are present
today and are going to be created in the future.He is
their Prabhu.He creates them (BhUthakrith); He protects
and supports them (BhUthabruth)and serves as their 
epicenter(adhAram). He thus exists( BhAva:)with all these 
VibhUthis as "Sarva-bhUtha-antharAthmA" . As " BhUtha-bhAvanan " , 
He as Sarva Seshi blesses all of His creations to grow 
and provides them the means " to sustain them ,nourish them
and contribute to their enjoyment of Him ("ThAni dhAraka-
pOshaka-bhOgya-pradhAnEna Vardhayathi").

The first nine of the Sahasra Naamams thus provide a beautiful
introduction to the powerful  and unique Concept of
VishNu Tattvam. These naamams are based on Veda Manthrams
including those housed in Sri VishNu Sooktham. adiyEn will
refer to two manthrams from the Third Canto of Rg Vedam 
to illustrate the Vedic pramANam for the VishNu Tattvam.

VISHNUM  sthOmAsa: purudasmam arkA bhagasyEva kAriNO yAmani gman
Urukrama: kakuhO yasya pUrvIr na: mardhanthi yuvatayO: JanithrI:
--Rg Vedam : III.54.14

(Meaning): May our adulations and prayers , the causes behind
our Isvaryam , reach the all-pervading VishNu , whose DayA and
Preethi is the goal of all of us in our tasks and worship.
That VishNu traverses all regions of His Universe with His 
gigantic strides.The multifacted and interlocked regions of
space , the twin-mother of all His creations , never transgress
His commands. 

Vishnur gOpA: paramam pAthi pATa: priyA dhaamany amrithA dhadhAna:
agnishtA VisvA BhuvanAni vEda mahaddhEvAnAmasurathvamEkam 
--Rg Vedam III.55.10

(Meaning): " Pervading and protcting ALL , possessing --
immortal radiance (as Agni), He (VishNu) preserves the Supreme 
path of rains ,for the divine fire is conscious of all these 
worlds. For VishNu's glory in nature's bounties is great
and unequalled".

Such is His Veeryam ; another Rg Veda Manthram passage
(X.1.3) elaborates on this Veeryam :

" VishNur ittTA paramam asya vidvAn jAtO brihann abhi 
pAthi ThruthIyam " ( VishNu becomes vast and wise as soon
as He is manifested , and pervades the entire Universe .
He as fire divine protects His third form ( the Sun).

Rg Veda manthram I.154.3 describes the total and
unshakable loyalty of the worshipper to Lord VishNu,
the creator of this extensive universe:

pra VishNavE sUshamEthu manma girikshita urugAyaya vrushNE
ya idham dhIrgam prayatham sadhasTamEkO vimmaE thribhiritpadhEbhi:

(Meaning):" To Him alone , who has created this entire
extensive universe with three components (micro , macro
and ultra-micro) , and who is the showerer of bliss,
the upholder of clouds,and the One glorified by ALL ,
are dedicated our learning and endeavours".

The Vedic word " Girikshita" here has been intrepreted as 
the One , who abides in high places. The highest of
these high places is Parama Padham , where the Nithya-
Sooris offer kaimakryam to Him . The word "Thribhi:" 
has also been intrepreted to mean the triads of tatthvans:
(a)Prithvi , Jala and tEjas( Earth, water and Light)
(b)Three divisions of Time ( Past, Present and Future)
(c)beyond Three GuNAs ( Satthva, RajO and Tamas) a
Suddha Sathva ThirunEni. 

Lord VishNu's limitless Vaibhavam, jagath KaaraNathvam,
Jagath Aadharathvam , Jagath Rakshathvam as JagannAthan
and His glories as VaisvAnaran ( Ruler of all souls),
as atthA or enjoyer of all souls, as SarvAthmA( the underlying
soul of all), as Akshara Brahmam ( the imperishable reality)
as AayathanavAn ( the abode of Heaven & Earth),as the BhUmA 
( the infinitely lofty and immense) and as DaharAkasan 
(the dweller of the subtle space in the heart lotus) 
are celebrated by the above Rg Veda Manthrams and
elaborated further in the Thirteen Sri VishNu Sooktha
Manthrams .

adiyEN will cover the Thirteen Sri VishNu Sooktha 
Manthrams in the subsequent post(s).

NamO VishNavE ,
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri satakOpan 



           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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