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Date: Mon May 07 2001 - 07:53:07 PDT


I just was admitted to the List and, as advised by the 
Moderator, here is my brief introduction to all brethren and 
elders in the list. I found the discussions in the list 
quite educational, and hence sought admission.

My childhood background is in Vaidika sampradaaya 
(Yajusshaakha, Bodhaayana sootra). Historically Adi Shankara 
transplanted my ancestors from the banks of the sacred Ganga 
to Gokarna in Karnataka. Eight generations ago one in this 
lineage, as a 9 year old, walked some 200 miles by foot from 
his native place near Mangalooru to Anantha Padmanaabha 
temple at Thiru Ananthapura, studied Vedas under a Kashi 
Ghanapaati there, then walked all the way north to Kashi 
where he mastered the rest (yoga, Vedangas, Darshanas). 
Whatever Vaidika tradition exists today in Dakshina Kannada 
and Kasaragod districts is the result of his efforts some 
400 years ago. Some in his lineage are now spread all over 
Kerala, Tamilnadu, Andhra, and Karnataka. Some studied in 
places such as KumbhakoNam; hence our home traditions 
reflect a harmonious mix of Advaita and Shri Vaishnava 
traditions. Shri Madwa-Acharya's Udupi is close by, and some 
in the family have taken up Dvaita, or at least influenced 
by it. Added to this, Kerala's/Shankara's Shaakteya 
influence also exists in the family. Monthly Bhagawati Seva 
(Durga Pooja) is routine in the family. Kuladevata is Shree 
Lakshminarayana. Yet, Shiva Pooja with Rudraabhishekam as 
well as Satyanarayana Pooja are also common.

Rishi Daivaraata of Gokarna belonged to another branch of 
the same family. He revealed 850 new Rik Mantras in 1917.

What my father taught me after my Upanayanam is now taking 
me to study our Vedic roots in depth, although I have been a 
scientist/engineer. Have been in US since 1978. Interest in 
imbibing Vedas, Yoga, Samskr`tam, and Hindu scriptures. 
Teach Veda, Samskr`ta and yoga at local Hindu temple and 

Namo namaH,
-Shambhu Shastry
Franklin, MA

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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