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Loss of great mAhAns of our time

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Sat May 05 2001 - 19:45:35 PDT

Dear bAgawathAs,

adiyEn is saddened by the news that our great  mAhAn Sri sEva sWami
have attained thirunAdu.  Sri sEva swami  and his  service to swami
desika darsanam has  no  parallel and comparison  in  this century.
He  has never sought  for any  reward or  recognition  for himself
and was serving Swami desikan with an eternal interest. It is very
important and great to note that  though  many  vyAkyAnams  can be
written by one or the other. But only a few can  write  vyAkyAnams
that even a sAmANyAL and a child can understand.  This is a divine
ability Sri sEva swAmi possessed and his granthams are unique  and
can  never  be  compared  with  any. That shows his deep desire to
reach out everyone  and  spread  swami  desikan  darshanam.  "thAn
Arinthathai thAN unArntha padiyE sonnAr".

Sri Villivalam SrInidhi SwAmi and his excellent  commentaries  and
granthams are a great treasure to us. His  wonderful  grantham  on
Sri BoomidEvi thAyar of Oppiliappan  sannithi  is  remarkable  and
brilliant.  His  love  for  Sri  Oppiliappan  boomidEvi  thAyar is
something that we all may want to follow  and  learn  from.  As  a
fellow Oppiliappan and BoomidEvi  thAyAr  bhakthA adiyEN and other
Oppiliappan bhakthAs will miss this swAmis  blessings  through his
divine granthams and upanyAsams.  We  will  definitely  miss  this
mahan. adiyEn has family relationship with  this  mAhAn  and heard
this news yesterday. It was very shocking.  These  two  mahans are
like two eyes of our present sampradhayam. They were providing the
key insights  of  our  desikan  sampradAyam  through  their divine
abilities. We were actually cherishing our samprAdAyam through the
divine eyes  they gave us  through their granthams. It is as if we
all lost our sight and left in darkness.

Finally  the  thunder  came  down  on  our   head  (thalaiyil  idi
vizhunthathu pOl irunthathu) when we heard of Sri  Mukkur  Lakshmi
nrusimhAchAriar as well.  adiyEN  longed to meet  this  mAhAn  and
receive his blessings during adiyEn's planned trip  to India  this
summer. Now, how will I ever  see him ?  As said by Sri Anand,  we
should not wait around to see these great mAhAns of our times. Let
us plan on serving them in whatever way without waiting  for long.
For all of us in  Srivaishanava  sampradhAyam,  the  passing  away
of  Sri  Mukkur  Yagna  rAja sWamy is as similar to how one of the
main pillar has fallen. It is as if the  entire  sampradhAyam  has
been shaken hard due to this fall. His  simplicity  with  which he
was available to everyone and the depth with  which he  was  doing
yAgnA in such a great detail was matchless.  By  doing  so he took
our  sampradhAyam  to great new heights  and  many came to know of
the important principles of Srivaishnavam.  His  long  service  to
Srisannithi can never be forgotten. His loss indeed is a loss that
struck deep and wounded our souls. His "kuRai  onRum  illai"  will
live for several centuries to come.

These are all losses that can never be replaced.

Srimadh Azhagiya Singar thiruvadikaLE saraNam
adiyEn irAmAnusa dAsan
thiruk kudanthai Sampath Rengarajan
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