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Fwd: Re: SEvA SwAmi attained Paramapadam !

From: M.S.HARI Madabhushi Sarangarajan Hari (
Date: Sun May 06 2001 - 22:52:34 PDT

Anand K Karalapakkam <> wrote:

   Little more on SwAmi's works ...

>  SwAmi's stotra compositions are :

>  * Halahalana mAlika (13)
   This has to be read as "Hayavadana-kalAkala-mAlika"
   as reported in one book.  

> SwAmi's other excellent kAvyam is "SrI Varada-abhidAna
>  Sahasram", a 1008 verse composition on Lord VaradarAja of KAn~chi.

  SwAmi had also started to compose "SrI Ra~nganATha Sahasram",
  but has left it incomplete.

 SwAmi has also written many kIrtanas titled "GOpika-GIta KIrtanas".
 It will be great if some classical musicians set tunes to them
 and propagate.aDiyEn will try to get these kIrtanas. In aDiyEn's 
 opinion, especially SrI SaThakopan and Smt KrishNapriya Kalale can 
 have a copy of these kIrtanas for their personal collection and 
 popularize them through their own skills and capacities.
 Special mention has to be made about SwAmi's commentary to
 "DayA Satakam" of SwAmi DESikan. SwAmi has also written 
 an incomplete telugu commentary to "DayA Satakam" for 50 verses.
 Another important work of SrI SEva SwAmi is his commentary to
 the famous "Lakshmi Sahasram". 

 Even when it was strainful due to his age, SwAmi 
 used to deliver upanyAsam at the place requested.
 Sometimes, the sambhAvanai given to swAmi would be 
 much less than the "Auto Charges" spent by SwAmi 
 for commuting - Swami being at VillivAkkam. When
 aDiyEn's father was in concern about this {after watching
 arrangements for SwAmi's upanyAsams by some people over the year}, 
 swAmi replied :
 "Thats ok. I can't say NO to speak about SwAmi DESikan (*).
  Otherwise, I will miss that oppurtunity to share about 
  some glories of SwAmi DESikan to those interested bhaktas".

 (*) : Whatever the UpanyAsam topic might be, its "SwAmi DESika
       anubhavam" as far as SrI SEvA SwAmi is concerned.

 Such was SwAmi's love for SwAmi DESikan ! 
 A great role-model for all DESika-bhaktas indeed.

>  VAzhi DESika Bhakta-RatNa "SrI DESika SEvA" SwAmi !
>  VAzhi ThUppul VEdAntAchArya and his SrI-SUktIs !
>  aDiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan,
>  anantapadmanAbhan.

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