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FWD: SrInidhi SwAmi and MukkUr SwAmi attained Paramapadam too !

From: M.S.HARI Madabhushi Sarangarajan Hari (
Date: Sun May 06 2001 - 22:52:34 PDT

Anand K Karalapakkam <> wrote:
SrI Lakshminrusimha ParabrahmaNE namaH
SrI nArAyaNa yateendra mahAdESikAya namaH

namO nArAyaNa!

 Dear all,

 After the sad news of SrI SEva SwAmi's attainment of
 AchArya-ThiruvaDi, we are jolted by other very sad news :
 SrI MukkUr LakshminarasimhAchArya SwAmi of great fame has
 attained Paramapadam on Thursday night around 11:30 pm,
 at KAkinADa, Andhra-Pradesh. More in the end ...

 On Wednesday afternoon, another great mahAn
 "SrI VillUr NaDAdUr 'SrI-BhAshya-SimhAsanAdipati' Aasukavi -
  SrInivAsarAghavAchArya SwAmi", popularly known as "SrInidhi
  SwAmi" attained paramapadam. SwAmi has been bed ridden for
  few years and was in critical condition for a week. Though we
  lost this mahAn, its good considering  that swAmi didn't suffer more

  in this world - due to his bed-ridden condition with almost no
  strength coupled with other bodily discomforts.

  SwAmi belonged to the illustrious lineage of "NaDAdUr AmmAL"
  and aptly was a "SrI-BhAshya-SimhAsanAdipati". SwAmi was
  son-in-law of the SrI DEvanArviLAgam Azhagiyasingar (43rd
  HH Jeeyar) in pUrvAshrama and has also studied under Jeeyar
  in pUvAshrama. As other mahAns, SrI SrInidhi swAmi was also
 filled with jn~Ana,bhakti,vairAgya and anushTAna. During the
 1940s, SwAmi was highly honoured by the Mysore-King after
 SwAmi won over many great poets in some contests. SwAmi
 was a poet of the Aasukavi order - can compose verses
 spontaneously when needed. SwAmi's vairAgya has also been
 praised by many vidvAns.

 SwAmi was deeply devoted to Lord RAma at VaDuvUr, his native
 place.SwAmi has many excellent poetic compositions to his credit.
 Special mention must be made about Manju-RAmAyaNam
 and Mandasmita-RAmAyaNam. The origin of the latter is interesting
 to be noted. Everytime when  SwAmi performed ma~ngaLAsAsanam
 to VaDuvUr RAmar, a verse was born out of swAmi spontaneously,
 regarding the beautiful "smile" of PerumAL. All those verses were
 re-arranged in the order of the incidents in SrImad RAmAyaNam to
 yield "Mandasmitha RAmAyaNam". SwAmi was not only a
 SrI-BhAshya adhikAri, but also had performed VEda-adhyayanam.
 Single-handedly, SwAmi has been conducting yearly Vidvat-Sathas
 on SrI-BhAshya for few decades, popularly known as "NaDAdUr
 AmmAL Vidvat-Sathas". This is a very big achievement considering
 the financial expenses for such a grand sathas and the very ordinary
 financial status of this mahAn in the past. aDiyEn will write more on

 SwAmi's works and achievements later.

 SwAmi imparted everything - right from VEda-adhyayanam, Sanskrit
 sAhitya and kAvya,vyAkaraNa and VEdAnta grantha-chatushTaya
 to his son SrI KaruNAkaran swAmi, who is now one of the well
 known upanyAsaka and very good SrI-BhAshya adhikAri.

 SwAmi's life was dedicated for our sampradAyam and has also given
 us an excellent vidvAn well known in many places of India for his
 upanyAsams. SwAmi blessed aDiyEn through a verse on the eve
 of aDiyEn's upanayanam - which aDiyEn's cherishes - the blessings
 of great mahAns like Sri SrInidhi swAmi will lead one a long way
 in being a paramaikAntin. After aDiyEn's bhara-nyAsam
 performed in ukti-nishTa by SrImad Villivalam Azhagiyasi~ngar,
 aDiyEn went to SrI SrInidhi SwAmi's thirumALigai and swAmi
 blessed aDiyEn through a verse. SwAmi asked couple of questions
 regarding Prapatti like - "Is it SaraNAgati Or CharaNAgati, that
 has been performed ?". SwAmi couldn't even speak ...But from
 close hearing, SrI KaruNAkaran swami conveyed the questions
 to aDiyEn. Incidentally, the very morning Azhagiyasi~ngar had
 performed the upadEsam to me on the very word SaraNAgati and
 other meanings that SaraNam can denote. aDiyEn directly answered
 it quoting the upadEsam of Azhagiyasingar and swAmi was extremly

 aDiyEn has been learning a lot from SrI KaruNAkaran swAmi and
 SrI SrInidhi swAmi is a prAchArya in that way.

 Lets seek the blessings of this great mahAn for our spiritual

  SrI MukkUr SwAmi' sudden attainment of paramapadam has
  been a great shock to the whole of SrI VaishNava community.
  SwAmi is too well known a legend  to be written about.
  SwAmi was a son-in-law of SrI ThirukkaLLam -
  NrusimharAghavAchArya swAmi of great fame. SwAmi was
  nicknamed as "SIlA" in his youth by the elderly vidvAns.

  For many a years, swAmi was only an office-goer alongwith
  the vaidika-anushTAnas. Suddenly, by the blessings of Lord
  Nrusimha, swAmi became a great upanyAsakar and left the
   office. SwAmi's excellent recitation  of vEdas and stotras
  is a treat to listen. SwAmi's upanyAsam attracted hundreds
  of devotees and it reached even the layman in appreciating
  the glories of PerumAL and the sampradAyam. SwAmi's
  KuRai-onRum-illai series is an outstanding work that is
  a boon for all beginners of bhagavad-kalyANa-guNa-anubhava
  - Even a layman with no idea about PerumAL and
  sampradAyam can take the book and read. Its for sure that
  he/she will become a good devotee in due time by swAmi's
  blessings. Ofcourse, its to be read by every SrI-VaishNava for
  its contents and excellent narration. SwAmi has also been
  contributing scholarly articles to SrI Nrusimha Priya on

  SwAmi has performed more than hundred yajn~As and has
  been highly devoted to MaTTapalli Nrusimha at Andhra Pradesh.
  Its well known that SwAmi gets possesed by Lord Nrusimha many
  a times - esp. when the upanyAsam is about Nrusimha avatAram.

 SwAmi has hundreds of followers and all of them are shattered. Many
 have gone from Chennai with tears to KAkinADa. Even the
 devotee who rung aDiyEn's father was hardly able to put the
 words cogently. Its certainly a very big loss for all of us. A great
 mahAn's separation who was not quite aged and who had lots and
 lots to be performed for the sampradAyam and lOka-kshEmam, is
 certainly a very big jolt for us. SwAmi's family especially his wife
 must have been totally shattered.

 SrI VaishNavas in their next gathering can pay their homage to
 SrI MukkUr SwAmi and obtain swAmi's blessings.

 In three days, we have lost three mahAns of our sampradAyam !
 Its a signal that the present generation (elder and the young)
 should not waste more time and should indulge much  more positively
 in various kai~nkaryams in association with the current mahAns.
 Otherwise it would too late and there is no point in lamenting later
 that "I missed the great oppurtunity of learning under this mahAn
 and I don't have proper guidance now" etc. Lets not make mahAns
 be merely glorious historical personalities of great merit and fame ;

 instead lets devote more time to imbibe a lot from the current
 mahAns in whatever capacity of an individual. While kAlskshEpam
 is the most important aspect, there are many other things that needs
 to be learnt, attended and served too.

 aDiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan,

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