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MahA Vrukshams & the Magnificent AchArya Paramparai

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat May 05 2001 - 06:09:00 PDT

Dear BhakthAs :

Three giant trees (Mahaa Vrukshams) have fallen in 
the forest of Sri Vaishnavam . Those trees gave us 
the comforting shade and removed the sufferings from 
the taapam(heat and sufferings) of samsAramn as we rested 
under them .
The blessed Jeevans inside those life-sustaining trees
had performed their SharaNAgathis to their respective
AchAryans .They themselves arose out of ancient AchArya vamsa 
Vrukshams starting from Swamy Sriman NaarAyaNa and were
nurtured by Prapanna SanthAna Jana Kootasthar , Swamy 
NammAzhwAr and Bhagavath RaamAnujA . They served as 
Jn~Ana Dheepams for us and lit our way to the palaces of
our own AchAryans . In that matter , they were like 
kalankarai ViLakku ( light houses on the beach ) for
us tossed about in the darkness of the night on stormy
seas . 

adiyEn is referring to the three MahAns who ascended to their
AchAryan's thiruvadis in the last three days one by one.

(1) Sri Desika Bhaktha Rathnam , SevA Swamy (May 3, Villivaakkam)
(2) Raaja Simham , MukkUr/Mattapalli Lakshmi NrusimhAcchAr Sawmy
    (May 4 , afternoon, Chennai )
(3) Aaasui Kavi , BhAshya SimhAsanam , VillUr Swamy
    (May 4 PM , KaakinAdA )

Sriman NaarAyaNan has blessed them now with Nithya Kaimkaryam
at Sri Vaikuntam , now that their life missions ordained 
by Him were completed. 

Sri Karalapaakkam Anand of Chennai has written moving
obituaries to the three of them , which portrays brilliantly
the scholarly accomplishments and the contributions of these
great souls to the growth of Sri VaishNava sampradhAyam .
AdiyEn will be pleased to forward them to thsoe , who have not seen
them .

Inspite of our overwhelming sorrow , we are comforted 
by the thought that there are a brilliant group of
AchAryAs guiding us and helping us to do many kaimakryams
for the Dhivya Dampathis and BhaagavathAs . The Krishi 
( the immense labor and caring efforts ) of these AchAryans 
sustains us to carry on the dhivyAj~nA (Divine Command) of 
Bhagavath RaamAnujA . 

In memory of all these great MahAns , who left us behind and 
in appreciation of the great blessings showered on us by our
own/current  AchAryAs , adiyEn's appeal to you is to continue 
to learn about the greatness of the sampradhAYam through
VedAdhyayanam ( pancha Sookthams and taittirIya AaraNyakam
at the minimum) , AzhwAr AruLiccheyalkal ( nithyAnusandhAnam
paasurams at the minimum), AchArya Sookthis ( ChathusslOki of
Swamy AaLavandhAr , SaraNAgathi Gadhyam of Bhagavath 
RaamAnujA and Sri HayagrIva SthOthram of Swamy Desikan )
along with the recitation of one's AchArya Taniyans .Please
participate yathA sakthi (according to your ability) in
MahA Kaimkaryams like the Upcoming MahA SamprOkshaNam 
for Lord RanganAthA Templeat Pomona , NY on May 27(*).

Asmath AchAryan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan 
(*) Funds in memory of these AchAryAs can be sent to 
Ranganatha Seva Samithi
125 Old Rout 202
Pomona , NY 10970

Nothing will please these MahAns  more than
Your support for the consecration of the most 
sacred Temple for Lord RanganAthan here . 

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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