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Am I a brute?

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Date: Sat May 05 2001 - 04:35:57 PDT

Vaguely I remember that on a rainy day four great
Azwars assembled inside a hut
with standing room only. I do not recall details of
this episode. The pull was
so great that even Sriman Narayana joined the

The recent exodus of our great seers from the material
realm to Sri Vaikuntam
reminds me of the above episode.

It is as though they all had come on a joint mission,
got together, accomplished
something and satisfied with the results decided to
get back to where they belong.
We have heard on more than occassion in recent years
"yati congregation" and now
some of them returning mission accomplished.

Strange as it may seem, like an ensemble of Azwars
were required to pull Sriman
Narayana, so also it appears that the congregation of
these yatis were required
to unify all of Sriman Narayana followers. We have
seen a definite yearing and mood
to rise above differences and unite us all.

Very touching indeed is the report on Sri VillUr
NaDadUr swamin.
As though he could not shed his body at will, 
it appears NaDadUr Swamy waited in his failing mortal
to set this unification
movement afloat.

Even in their passing these saints are inspiring. They
truly define the word

Om Namo Narayana.
We need the will power, vision, wisdom, tolerance,
srength to carry forward their mission.
Their mission to seek Sriman Narayana in unison 
forgetting and ignoring differences in the form and
He chooses to appear amongst us.

Om Namo Narayana, please grant us all these power,
wisdom, and everything else needed to carry on!
Ishtam Manishana! Amum Manishana! Sarvam Manishana!
--Purusha Suuktam
Anandavalli Dasan. 

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