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From: Venkatesh (
Date: Fri May 04 2001 - 02:09:30 PDT

Dear Shri vaishanavaites,

Adiyen was fortunate to be associated with the Learned seva Swamy for over a decade.Like many from our ur Bhakthi Group members,the  the loss of this scholar is a personal one.Our family has benefitted immensely from the several lectures of Seva swami over the years.Nanganallur to which we belong, was of special to our Swami as it is here that Lord Laxmi Haygreevar chose to take his Avataaram. Our seva Swami had rendered several discourses in nanganallur and what distinguished his discourses was his distinct style and for persons like me  who attended his discourses with devotion,he never dsiappointed .What appealed to us was his unfailing tenacity to make a refernce to Swami Desika's works in any discourse which drew our family closer to him.He used to remark that the very mention of Swami Desikan should rejunivate a Bhaktha and Adeyen has been fortunate in experiencing this sublime feeling , thanks to Seva Swami.
In Seva swami I found a person who was with us and could communicate with our Acharya , someone with whom I could discuss Loukeekam and vaitheeham , a truly Great person who was to me a representaitve of our Acharya Swami Desikan.Some reminences which I can recollect:

His interpretation of navaneeth natiyam in Gopala vimshathi
His observation of "Hala Hala " hayagreeva Stotram
His interpreation of "Thoo mani maadaththu "in Thiruppaavai
and many more

as Swami Desikan Himself says, Poatri Ugappathum punthiyil Kollvathum , Shatru allavoa , Munnam petratharke is how I feel about our swami Seva.He will forever remain my Guru 

Adeyen Ramanuja Dasan,


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