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Date: Fri May 04 2001 - 05:11:54 PDT

My pranams to all,

1.  I read in a book about "Swedha deepam".  ie.  When
Naradha went there many bhagavathas were singing
Lord's name and didn't notice him at all.  Can anyone
explain about this place?  Is it in this world or in

2.  I want to know the full pasuram and the meaning
and the alwar's name also.  "En polla kanivai thamarai
kaNN karumaNNikame en kallva".  To which Lord (divya
desam) alwar calls.

3.  What is Brahmavedha Samskaram?  I read that Lord
Rama did this to "Jadayu".  

Can anyone please explain.

my pranams to all once again,

raji sridhar

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