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Chathur Vedha Vandhanam for the AchArya paramparai: Part I

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Tue May 01 2001 - 14:40:32 PDT

Dear BhakthAs: Lord RanganAtha , the PrathamAchAryan 
in our Guru ParamparA is travelling to Pomona , NY
for His Gruha pravEsam at His new Home at the end of
this Month so that He can be near all of His SishyAs 
belonging to various AchArya Paramparais that originate
from Him .

It is in this context , adiyEn is posting a series 
on Chathur Veda AchArya vandhanam to our PrathamAchAryan. 

We are at the halfway point in our goal to raise 
100K$ since start of this effort on April 15. 
With additional support from SishyAs of all
AchArya Paramparais of Bhagavath RaamAnuja 
SiddhAntham , it is our fond hope that we could
reach our target with Sri RanganAthan's blessings.

Meanwhile , here is the first in the series of 
Vedic AchArya Vandhanams.

Sriman NaarAyaNan , Our Refuge as the AchAryan Of AchAryAs
Jayaakya samhithai points out the way to overcome 
our fear of samsaaric afflictions and states that
one's Acharyan , who is our Sarva-prakarOpakaarakan,
should be our refuge :

Sakshannarayano deva: kruthva marthyamayim tanum
magnan-uddharathe lokaan karunyacchasaasthrapaanina 

The above samhithai portion says:  The Omnipotent 
Sriman Narayanan hides His dhivya Roopam and incarnates
as Acharyan in human form on this Saastra-vasya universe 
and through His merciful upadesams uplifts the human beings 
longing to be lifted out of the terror of samsaric ocean 
and qualifies them for nithya kaimakryam to Dhivya
Dampathis in Parama Padham .Such an Acharyan  incarnates 
as Saasthrapaani and through the performance of the sacred 
rites of Pancha Samskaram , Grantha Kaalkshepam and 
Bhara Nyaasamm saves those , who seek refuge at His 
sacred feet .Adiyen's salutation to all AchArya paramparais 
through the reflection on Veda Manthrams from the four Samhithas 
that refer to the Acharyakathvam of our Prathamaacharyan, 
Sriman Naarayanan .These Veda Manthrams can be considered
as a SadAcharyan's prayer to the Lord of Srivaikuntam
on behalf of His sishya vargam. 

Saama vedam 

vidaa maghavan vidaa daathum anusamsisho disah
sikshaa sacheenaam pathe poorveenam puruvaso
--Mahaanaamnyaarchika :manthram 641

" Oh affluent Lord! You know everything;You know
the place and direction,where the devotee or 
the householder aspires to go. Please direct him 
towards that end. Oh Eternal Lord of our intellects ;
Oh Possessor of immense wealth!".

Rig Vedam & Atharva Vedam 

Ud dhyaameshi raja: prutvahaa mimaano aktubhih
pasyan janmaani Soorya 
--Rig Vedam : I.50 & Atharvam : XIII.2.22

" It is Your divine light that discriminates 
between light and darkness for the benefit of
all creatures that have birth".

Yajur Vedam & Atharva Vedam

abhi tyam devam Savithaaramonyoh kavikratum
archaami satyasavam ratnadhdhaam abhi priyam
amthim .

Urdhvaa yasyaamatir bhaa adidyutat saveemani
hiranyapaanir amimeeta sukrathu: krupaaa sva:

--Yajur Vedam: IV.25; Atharvam:VII.14.1-2

" Oh Lord , May these words of appreciation be
for You , who is the bestower of every bounty 
,the creator and impeller of earth and heaven , 
the source of abstract divine knowledge , eternal 
source of True and Good, the abode of precious
jewels and worldly wealth, loving all around,
praised by all intellectuals ,--I adore You. 
Out of Your superb glory and light , this inner 
matter , also starts illuminig , and thereafter 
through Your supreme glory and skill, and by Your 
grace , the celestial regions are duly meted out 
(i-e.)created ".

Daasan, Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan 


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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