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66th ThiruNakShatram Celebrations of Srimad Andavan of Srirangam Periaashramam at Maryland,USA

From: Venkat Sreenivasan (
Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 19:44:43 PDT

                         SrimathE Sri Ranga RAmAnuja MahADesikAya namaha: 
	            SrimathE  vEdAntha RAmAnuja MahAdEsikAya namaha:
	            SrimathE SrinivAsa MahAdEsikAya namaha:                         
                           SrimathE NigamAntha MahADEsikAya namaha: 
	            SrimathE BhagavathE BhAshyakArAya MahAdEsikAya namaha:
                           Sri RanganAtha Divyamani PAdukAbhyAm Namaha: 

       66th ThiruNakshatram Celebrations of Srimad Andavan of Srirangam Periaashramam, 
                                         H.H.  SRI RANGA RAMANUJA MAHADESIKAN 

The spiritual wealth of our sacred land lies in the spread of pure 
renunciation. Our great AchAryAs have preserved the traditions unbroken 
through the ages and aglow with ever fresh revelance to changing 
circumstances of contemporary times. 

As SwAmi VEdAnta DEsika says in SlokA 2 of NyAsa Vimsati, 

AgNyana DwAntha RoDhAth aga pariharanAdh Atma sAmyAvahatvAth 
Janma pradhvamsi janma pratha garimathaya divya drushti prabhAvAth 
NishprathyuhA nrusamsyAth niyatharasathayA nithya sEshitva yOgAth 
AchAryA: sadbhira prathyupakaranadhiyA dEvavath sYAdhupAsya: 

The slokA says that 

" The spiritual preceptor should be worshipped like God by the virtuous with 
a service of never being able to re-pay him." 

SwAmi DEsikA repeats in slokA 38 of AdikAra sangraham, 

YEtri manathEzhin gNana villakkai irul aNaitthum 
MAtrinavarku oru kaimAru mAyanum kAnagillAn.. 

The slokA says that 

" For that AchAryA who has driven away the darkness of ignorance and ignited 
the light of knowledge in mind, even Sriman nArAyanA could not give a 
suitable compensation." 

As a pontiff of Srimad Andavan Periaashramam, His Holiness Sri Ranga 
RAmAnuja MahADEsikan has uplifted many a soul to the holy feet of Lord 
nArAyanA through SamAsrayanam and Prapatti to bring deliverance to thousands 
of disciples from ever revolving samsAra. 

The only little things we can do for all help we received are : Sing His 
praise, remember His deeds in mind and spread His greatness. 

His Holiness Srimad Andavan,s 66th Thirunakshatram is going to be celebrated on 
Sunday June 4th, 2000 at Sri. Kesavan Kannan's residence, the 
directions/address for which is given below. We will have Perumal 
Thiruvaradhanam, grantha pArayanam of srimad rAmAyanam and paduka sahasram, 
Sattrumurai, Theertham followed by recitations of all PoorvAchAryA Thanians, 
Gadya Thrayam an Desika Stothrams. With the AchAryA's grace, we hope to 
perform paduka aradhanam to the padukais of all the poorva AchAryAs of 
Srimad Andavan Ashramam including our present AchAryA on that day. This is a 
rare opportunity to have here in the US. Your are all invited to come WITH 
YOUR FAMILY for this important event and celebrate our AchAryan's 
thirunakshtram and get the grace and blessings of our AchAryAs. prasadam 
will be offered after the theertham. 

All the devout Bhagavathas are hereby requested to join in great numbers to 
offer our profound homage and gratitude to his Holiness on this AUSPICIOUS 
long life and strength on our AchAryA for propounding the philosophy of 

Also it is customary to offer Sambhavanai to the AchAryAn on the 
thirunakshatram day. Sri Ramanuja Mission is appealing to you to contribute 
your mite as a sambhavani to your AchAryAn. These contributions will be 
mailed to the Ashramam next week with the list of contributors and the 
amount of contributions and acknowledgement with Srimad Andavan's Akshathai 
will be sent from Srimad Andavan Ashramam. To take tax deductible benefit, 
please write a check to Sri Ramanuja Mission Inc and mail it to 14433 
Settlers Landing Way, N. Potomac, MD 20878 

Venkatanathan  Sreenivasan 

Program Schedule 

Date:         June 4th, 2000 

Venue:       Sri. Kesavan Kannan's Residence 
                   14433, Settlers Landing Way 
                    North Potomac, MD 20878 
                    Ph: 301-294-6206 

6:00 - 8:00 AM 
PerumAl ThiruvArAdhanam, 
PAdhukA ArAdhanam with ThiruppallAndu, 
ThiruppalliyEzhuchi, ThiruppAvai, 
Upanishads, RAmAyanam 
SAttrumurai  PerumAl & AchAryAs sambAvanai 
VAzhiThirunAmam, PeriyAndavan 
VAzhithirunAmam, DEsikamangalam, 
PEriyAndavan Mangalam, 
Ashramam Danians,TheerthaviniyOgam 

8:15- 9:15 AM 
Gadyathrayam , PAdhukA sahasram, 
DEsika SthothrAni , Prakrutham Andavan's Danian 


In the Washington area : 
>From Points North : 
Take I-95 South to 495 West ( College Park direction ). 
Then follow common directions, provided below. 
>From Points South : 
Take 495North ( Bethesda or Rockville Direction ) 
Then follow common directions, provide below. 

Common Directions : 

Take 270 North ( Frederick direction )  to 370 ( Sam Eig Hwy). 
The Sam Eig Hwy will end in a T-Junction/Signal. 
Make a right on to Great Seneca Hwy. 
Make a Left at Signal onto Muddy Branch Road. 
Go past Route 28 West, also known as Darnestown Road. 
3rd Left to Lake Winds Way. 
2nd Right to Settlers Landing Way. 

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