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Date: Mon May 29 2000 - 08:03:51 PDT

Dear Bhagavatas:

A BhAgavata has asked for the details regarding the quoted verse "yasya 
Sree nitya hridhyA nirupadhi gruhiNee nandathi chchanda vrithyA" and where
exactly it is present and its form.

Except for Sandhi vigraham of compound words in Sanskrit for facilitating 
easy reading of the slOkas and perhaps a line or two by way of introduction 
and elucidation, I have not done anything. All I have attempted is a 
translation with appropriate editing and fine tuning to suit our readership 

All the credit goes to our great AchArya, Sri U.Ve. VidwAn S. PaiyambADi 
SEtlur . SrivatsAnkAchariar Swami, an ardent disciple of Abhinava DEsika 
Uttamur SwAmi.  

I have indicated this in the write up itself thus:

He is recognized as an institution by himself in our Siddhanta. He would 
never say anything without proper authority. We, as his trusting disciples 
learning at his feet learned also never to ask for such authority, since we 
believe his words are authority enough for us.

While doing such editing and fine tuning, I have never failed to record my 
gratitude and due acknowledgments to the original authors even at the very 
beginning of the series. 

Also, since my writings are based on kAlakshEpam outputs of numerous Acharyas 
and Scholars (including Sri SrivatsAnkAchariar Swami), over several decades, 
I am not able to pinpoint which particular interpretation was given out by 
which particular Acharya and when and what authority, if any, they had cited 

In such cases, I have always taken care to give credit collectively to all 
whom I remember and those whom I do not remember at the point of time of my 

If you are interested, you may contact Sri SrivatsAnkAchariar SwAmi himself 
for the authority. He is presently heading a project in the French Institute 
at Pondicherry.

Anbil Ramaswamy.

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           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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