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Periya Thirumozhi 9.1- Periya maamEni, aNdam ooduruva nimirdOn PerumAN

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Fri May 26 2000 - 22:40:26 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

AzhwArs in ThirukkaNNapuarm pAsurams described his feeling of being blessed 
with the capacity of singing in His praise thereby proving His eternal stay 
in AzhwAr’s heart. Emperumaan said, “ You can go to other Divya Desams and 
sing on Me; only for you, I am there at all Divya Desams.” AzhwAr enjoys 
here in this ten on ThirukkaNNangudi Divya Desam.

1.	This Emperumaan reclines on ThiruvananthAzhwAn – AdhisEshan (who has 
beautiful striped Divine Body) and has His Yoga nithrA, on the Huge Ocean. 
He has Divine Charka resplendently in his right Hand. He has the broad, 
freshly bloomed Beautiful red lotus in His youthful navel. He has the colour 
of the blue sky. He is My Swami; He is the Emperumaan of ThirukkaNNangudi, 
where residents perform three types of agni with their strong hands; who are 
learned in Vedha, inthihasams (epics), the six Veda ang~as, five yaaghams 

2.	The elephant, when was trapped by the crocodile in the pond, prayed to 
the Lord and what He did is: He immediately rushed and aimed His most 
strongest ChakrA to cut the cruel crocodile into two. This most 
compassionate, most merciful Emperumaan is here at ThirukkaNNangudi, which 
is surrounded by tall ramparts.

3.	When there was huge praLayam and the whole lot of worlds, mountains, 
skies were all under trouble, This most helpful (only Lord who always rushes 
to help and protect the world due to His compassionate nature) Emperumaan 
took Mathsya avtaar and consumed the waters (of huge praLayam). This 
Greatest Emperumaan is here having His permanent stay at ThirukkaNNangudi, 
which is most fertile Divya Desam

4.	The most victorious, the strongest mountain like huge roopam- he took as 
Varaaha roopam and saved the BhUmi PiraaTTi during Adhi varaaha kalpam. Also 
he served the Pancha paandavas as their chariot driver. This most merciful 
Emperumaan is here at ThirukkaNNangudi, where the tall buildings touch the 
moon even. Emperumaan is here at ThirukkaNNangudi, where the tall buildings 
touch the moon even.

5.	During the big yaagam performed by Maha Bhali (who had taken away the 
kingdoms from Devendran) Emperumaan (at the request of Devendran) appeared 
as small Brahmin Boy, Vaamanan and begged for three measures of earth with 
His feet. He took the huge Trivikrama avtaar and measured the Universe in 
simply two steps. This most Greatest Emperumaan is here at ThirukkaNNangudi, 
which is a beautiful and fertile Divya Desam.

6.	Emperumaan, ferociously killed the 21 generations of kings with His 
parasu, as Parasu rAman. Such most strongest Emperumaan is here at 
ThirukkaNNangudi, where bananan trees, betel nut trees, jack fruit trees are 
all plenty in dense beautiful gardens.

7.	Rama piraan – DharmO vigrahavaan- the Personification of virtues- bent 
His strong Bow which aimed string of arrows that made the strong heads of 
rAvanan (the chief of lankA, suurounded by dense huge ocean) falling like 
fruits from the tree. This Greaest Emperumaan is here at ThirukkaNNangudi, 
where peacocks dance, clouds roar with their thunders; and bees hum drinking 
honey from the flowers.

8.	KaNNapiraan, when H found the false chair placed by DhuryOdhanan in his 
court for KaNNan to sit when He came in- grew so huge and tall touching the 
skies and the bottom most worlds; spreading all directions. Such most 
wonderful Emperumaan is here at ThirukkaNNangudi, which gathers the 
gemstones and diamonds swept aside by the riverbanks to the green fields.

9.	When Bhmi PiraaTTi could not tolerate any more by the ‘adharmic’ rules of 
DhuryOdhanaadhis, KaNNan drove the chariot of Arjunan in the battlefield of 
Bharatham. This Accharya bhthan- most wonderful Emperumaan is here at 
ThirukkaNNangudi, where the bees hum and sing thenna..

10.	Emperumaan who destroyed the ocean-surrounded lankA city like huge fire 
engulfing the whole place, for the sake of His Divine Consort Janaki 
PiraaTTi- the Lord of ThirukkaNNangudi- about whom this ten has been sung by 
Kaliyan the king of Thirumangai. Those who read this ten in Chaste Tamil, 
will never be poor in being blessed with the Lord’s Lotus Feet

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana
adiyEn Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan
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