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Sri Yathokthakari Swamy Temple.

From: Bhashyam Nallappa (
Date: Fri May 26 2000 - 16:36:45 PDT

Renovation of Rajagopuram (Main Tower) of Sri Yathokthakari Swamy Temple.

Sri Yathokthakari Swamy Temple is located in Vishnu Kanchipuram,  which was once the capital of Pallava king.  The Lord of the temple is called in Sanskrit as Sri Yathokthakari Swamy in Tamil as Sonnavanam Saidha Perumal,  meaning the Lord who acted according to the wishes of his devotee (Thirumazhisai Azhwar). The consort of Sri Yathokthakari Perumal is worshiped as  Sri Komalavalli Thayar.  Out of the first three great Azhwars ,  Sri Poigai Alzhwar was born in a lotus flower in the tank called Poigai Pushkarni adjoining the north side of the temple in the Tamil month of Aipassi on the day of star Sravanam.  In addition to Thirumazhisai Azhwar other Azhwars who have sung paasurams in praise of Lord Sonnavanam Saidha Perumal are Sri Poigai Alzhwar, Sri Peyalzhwar and Sri Nammalzhwar.  

At Thiruvehha ( as also this DivyaDesam is known as), the Lord is in a Bhujana Saynam posture, reposing his head in the left hand,  facing the west under the Veda  Saara Vimanam. 

Swami Desikan composed the famous Vehha-Setu stotram for VehhaSetu Perumaal, where he says  that worshipping Vehha-Setu Perumaal will lead to the Lord  fulfilling the wishes of  his  devotees. 
For additional information about ThiruVehha, please check the Bhakti Archives.

The Sri Yathokthakari Kaigaryam Sabha has taken the renovation of the Raja Gopuram (Main Tower) which is in very bad state.  Unless proper action is taken, there is a high probability that this structure will fall down. The Sabha,  feels that it is critical for them to renovate the Raja Gopuram. The Stahalapathy who inspected the tower gave an estimate of Rs. 10.25 lakhs.  
Hence the Sabha, appeals to the devotees and philanthropists to come forward and contribute to this cause.  

The cheque can be written in favor of Sri Yathokthakari Swamy Kainkarya Sabha and mailed to either Mr. V.M. Manavalan, Sri Yathokthakari Swamy Kainkarya Sabha,  
9. T.P. Koil Street,  Triplicane, Chennai-600 005, India 
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