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Re: a doubt on karma

From: Ramanan Rajagopalan (
Date: Thu May 25 2000 - 10:59:05 PDT

Dear ShriVaishnavas,

Pranams! I also have a doubt regarding this issue.But,when I 
read your email,I came to the conclusion that answer for your 
question lies in your explanation itself.The foolowing is my 
The cycle of rebirth exists for any living being as long as it
is going to involve in any kind of sin.The Supreme 
Being,ofcourse is involved in this game.Because,another living 
being which causes the suffering,is used as a tool by the 
Supreme Being in accordance with its past deeds.This whole game 
is cause and effect phenomenon.The only way to get out of this
cycle is to avoid commiting sins as much as possible to our 
knowledge in the present life term.The kind of story you have 
written is also found in Mahabharath where Lord Krishna is 
getting killed by a hunter(who actually was Vali in Ramayana).
Hence,to my knowledge every living Being,including the Lord has
to undergo this cycle.
Thanks for taking time to read my expalanation,

If there is any mistake,please let me know,that I can correct it

Ramanan Ramanbuja Dasan 

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---- On Thu, 25 May 2000, Chandrashekaran Venkataraman 
( wrote:

> Dear members,
>     I have a basic doubt about the karma concept.
>     A living thing suffers due to its karma (owing to its 
sins in the
> past
> lifes). Suppose this suffering that it undergoes is due to 
> living
> thing, say a human inflicts physical harm to another human. 
The former
> is
> commiting sin and accumulating his own karma since he is 
doing a wrong
> deed.
> So when one's karma is getting depleted owing to his traumas, 
> other's
> karma is increasing. The effect of karma on a jIvA is solely 
decided by
> Iswara.  Then does Iswara play any role in making the second 
> inflict
> pain on the first jIvA ?  
>     In this context there is an interesting story of a 
brAhmaNa. A
> brAhmaNa
> is chanting bhagavan nAmAs under a tree. A butcher comes that 
> chasing a
> cow. He loses sight of the cow and seeing the brAhmaNa 
enquires if he
> saw a
> cow running this way. The brAhmaNa shows both his hands in 
the direction
> in
> which he saw the cow running without realising the 
consequences. The
> butcher
> catches the cow and goes back to his shop. In the next life 
the jIvA
> which
> was the brAhmaNa in the previous life takes birth and lives 
as a saint
> (a
> famous name, I forgot). He is living in a village where a 
dispute ensues
> between a couple. The wife after a long quarrel kills the 
husband. The
> saint
> is called in for the verdict. Due to some verdict reasons she 
cuts both
> the
> hands of the saint. Thereupon he realises what happened in 
his previous
> life. In the previous life the wife was the cow and the 
husband was the
> butcher. 
>    In this case obviously the woman who killed her husband 
and cut the
> hands
> of the saint incurred her share of karma. But isn't this 
somewhat cyclic
> ?
>    I request the learned members to please clarify the idea 
of karma in
> the
> above context.
>    Thank you so much.
>     adiyEn,
>     chandrasekaran.
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