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comparative studies

From: d.k. narayana (
Date: Tue May 23 2000 - 18:36:52 PDT

my dearest bhaktas,

recently i have been meditating on the parallelisms between the lives of 
bhagavan sri krsna and jesus christ. as we all know, bhagavan sri krsna 
incarnated on this plane approximately 5000 years ago. jesus christ 
incarnated on this plane approximately 2000 years ago. there is a 3000 year 
difference but the similarities of the lives of these two divine souls are 
uncanny. both fled their respective homelands as children to avoid being 
killed by jealous and hateful kings. both have similar names, krsna and 
christ. both are worshipped by their respective devotees as god in human 
form. both have developed a level of consciousness that is sought after the 
world around. i ask if anyone can aid my search to further study the 
likenesses between these two divine souls. i know that this study has been 
conducted prior to any effort done by me, but i'd like to know who has done 
this task before and where i may be directed to find such information. if 
this entry sounds too opinionated, please forgive as this was not my 
intention. thank you all for your time from such busy schedules.

jai srimannarayana!!!!

d.k. narayana
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