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Re: Thooppul DD Trust
Date: Tue May 23 2000 - 13:28:25 PDT

Dear Sri. Lakshminarayan:  The Thooppul Vedanta Desikar Charitable Trust is
one of the projects included in the SVSS effort.  For details, please visit:

which explains SVSS's committment to supporting this Trust.  Presently
however, the Thooppul Vedanta Desikar Trust members have not responded
back to SVSS with copies of the required Govt. of India's "80-G" clearance
for charitable trusts.  We expect them to do so very soon; in the meantime
SVSS is accepting tax-deferred contributions from donors in USA and Canada
directed to this Thooppul Trust.  As soon as copies of the 80-G approval
are received by SVSS, the amounts will be transmitted to this trust.

****** The following APPEAL is for all readers of this message: *******

Please contribute to this much-needed cause through SVSS and thereby make
use of the tax-deduction benefit.  Thooppul as you all may be aware, is
the birthplace of one of the greatest Srivaishnava Acharyas, Swami Desikan
himself.  Let us all join together and preserve the heritage of this 
important divya kshetram which is highly endangered at present due to sheer
lack of financial support.

We have a lot to learn from religions of the "book", such as Islam, where
1/40 th. of each individual's earnings are required to be given away to
religious charities and/or towards the support of parochial schools etc.

Brings to mind one particular wise saying,

"Accept wisdom where it is found, be it from child or parrot"

-Srinath Chakravarty
> Message: 5
>    Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 21:13:12 IST
>    From: "lakshminarayan karishnaswamy" <>
> Subject: Reg:Vilakkoli Perumal & Vedanta Desikar Sannidhi
> Dear Bhakthas,
> During the last 2 months I would have made as many as 6 trips to Thoopul to 
> have  a darshan of the Lord and the Acharya. Unexplainably I always found 
> the sannadhi closed whenever I went there. During my recent visit I was 
> however fortunate enough to have an excellent  darshan. When I asked the 
> Bhattar the reasons for the sannidhi being closed, another bhaktha 
> Dr.P.V.Satkopacharya who had come down for kainkaryam at the temple, 
> informed me that the Bhattar is paid a monthly salary of Rs. 200/- 
> (USD.2.3/-p.m). Since this amount is not enough for the Bhattar to maintain 
> himself, he goes to other temples around the place, to make a decent living. 
> What a sad state of affair? Dr.Satakopacharya further told me that these 
> days hardly any one comes to the Sannidhi.It is a matter of Bhattar's 
> personal committment that he keeps coming to the temple to do the daily 
> kainkaryam. Should the blame for the sad state of affairs rest on us 
> Srivaishnavas (no offence meant to any one in particular)? Further both the 
> perumal sannidhi and Desikar's sannidhi were in dire need of maintenance. 
> Incase any one of the Bhakthas feel that they would be interested in sending 
> their mite, please send the same to:
> The Trustee, Sri Vilakkoli Perumal, Thoopul Vendanta Desikar Charitable 
> Trust,8-B, Sannadhi Street, Little Kancheepuram - 631 503. Tamil Nadu. In 
> this context I would like to make it abundantly clear that I am in no way 
> involved with this trust.

Big Groups = big savings @ beMANY!

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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