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Date: Mon May 22 2000 - 20:37:50 PDT

Dear Bhagavatas:
In this penultimate posting, the synopsis of SlOkas 44 to 50 is given .This 
covers the "StOtram" proper. SlOkas 51 to 55 which will be featured in the 
final installment, are in the nature of concluding statements. 
Hope you enjoyed the series. I will be much obliged to have your feedback. 
Anbil Ramaswamy
Translations by Sri P.N. Krishnaswamy Iyengar
prAyENa dEva munayas sva vimukthi kAmA:
mounam charanthi vijanE na parArtha nishtA:/
na yEthAn vihAya kripaNAn vimumuksha EkO
na anyam tvad anya saraNam bhramthO anupasyE//              44
" Oh! Deva! Generally Rishis are always selfish. They are only engaged for 
their own salvation. They don't care for the advancement of others. Hence, 
they always prefer solitude and go to forest to do penance; Not so am I. I do 
not want liberation from this samsAra for myself alone. I do not like to 
leave behind these souls who are beside me and who out of ignorance, are 
caught in the whirlpool of samsAra. I do not find any other liberator for 
them except you. Oh! Lord! Have mercy on them too!"
yath maithunAdi gruhamEdhi sukham hi tuchcham
kaNTooyanEna karayOriva duhka duhkam/
trupthyanthi na iha kripaNA bahu duhka bhAja:
kaNToothivath manasijam vishahEtha dheera://                    45
" The apparent enjoyment of a Grihasta i.e. the householder is sexual 
pleasure. But, it is no pleasure at all. It is a trifle. Really, such sexual 
pleasure is nothing but the cause of misery. It is like scratching the body 
with the fingernails to ease itches. But, this leads to further itching and 
"growing pains". Further, the more one gets addicted to worldly pleasures, 
the more discontented one becomes. But, very rarely we come across a few bold 
men who resist such sensual and sexual enjoyment"
mouna vratha srutha thapO adhyayana sva dharma-
vyAkhyA rahO japa samAdhaya AapavarghyA:/
prAya: param purusha thE thu ajithEndriyANAm
vArthA bhavanthyuth utha na vA atra thu dAmbikAnAm//            46
"Oh! The Supreme Lord! Meditation, observance of all the Sastric commands, 
reading of Vedas, performance of penance, observing all the varNa AchAras, 
expounding vEdas to others, chanting holy mantras in solitude and other 
meditation and concentration - are surely the means of attaining Moksham. 
But, NOT FOR ALL. They are so only for those who have conquered their senses. 
For those who have not so conquered, these modes of life become means of 
eking out their livelihood. For those who do all these things for pomp and 
show, they will lose that character of eking out livelihood also. Such being 
the case, how can they become means of attaining salvation? They will be the 
means of salvation only for those who have subdued their senses."
roopE imE sadasathee thava vEda drishTE
bheejAnkura iva na cha anyath aroopakasya/
yukthA:samaksham ubhayatra vichakshathE tvAm
yOgEna vahnim iva dArushu na anyatha: syAth//                   47
" All the objects, animate and inanimate are as proclaimed by Vedas, Oh! 
Lord! your forms. Not only that they form respectively the seed and the 
sprout, they are also exhibited by you. Great Rishis by their yOga abhyAsa 
found out your art amidst those objects just as fire (is found out) by 
rubbing wood"
tvam vAyu: agni: avani: viyad ambu mAtrA:
prAna indriyANi hridayam chid anugrahas cha/
sarvam tvamEva saguNO viguNas cha Bhooman!
na anyath tvad asthi api manO vachasA niruktham//               48
" Oh! The Great Lord! You are everything- VAyu, Agni, Earth, Ether and Water, 
the senses and their GuNas, all the five PrANa Vayus, Mind, Buddhi, AhamkAra. 
All these are yourself. You possess all good qualities and you are rid of all 
bad qualities. All that are within the reach of the mind and speech are 
nothing but yourself"
na yEthE guNA na guNinO mahA dAdaya: yE
sarve mana: prabruthaya: saha dEva marthyA:/
aadhyantha vantha urugAya! Vidanthi hi tvAm
yEvam vimrusya sudhiyO viramanthi sabdAth//                 49
" Oh! Lord! You are the only one deserving of all praises. All the guNas, and 
those that are the effect of these guNas i.e. Mahath, Manas, Devas and 
Manushyas etc. have beginning and end. They do not know you. Great ones have 
by their austerities found you out among all those things and have refrained 
themselves from  worldly desires and attained VairAghya and as a consequence 
thereof realized you and are keeping absolutely motionless"
thath thE Mahththama ! namah sthuthi karma poojA
karma smrithi charaNayO: sravaNam kathAyAm/
samsEvayA tvayi vinOthi shadangayA thu
bhakthim jana: parama hamsa gathou labhEtha//                   50
" Oh! Lord, the Supreme! There are six ways to attain that Bhakti towards you 
viz., (1) Prostration (2) Praising you (3) Offering Poojas to you (4) Doing 
Dharmas (5) Meditation of your holy feet (6) Hearing stories about you. These 
are the ways of real devotees, bhaktas and SannyAsis. Except by such sEva, it 
is not possible to reach the path of such SannyAsis or to become a Bhakta of 

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